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This site has all sorts of tools for things such as your query, but I don't know how using real player would come in to play. You might have to download the youtube converter. If this isn't what you want, I'm sure one of the smart troika of Radhi, Fin, and Martin will know.

Oh snap, I just downloaded this and it is easy as pie to get MP3s from YouTube. I'm a bit amazed it isn't more complicated because it never occured to me to do it.

So a supreme thanks to TimLizzy to bringing it up, to Fin for bringing the site to our attention, to the esteemed and venerable C-girl (you'll aways be C-girl to me) for passing along Fin's wisdom, and to Radhi just because I love her. :grin:

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Hello... :)

Please, if some of you, while browsing old threads, find my french graemlin, you know, the one with the baguette... could you please post it here? I lost all my files again -this time for good- and I´m trying to see if I can find some of my stuff...

Thank you very much... :):)

Oh, I had it photobucketed...!!

Thank you anyways.

Now, if anybody wants to send me a new computer.. :grin: character0242.gif

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It is a good idea to always refer to the wife/girlfriend of the recipient in the body of the message somewhere. If they don't have a wife/girlfriend, then refer to the writer's husband/boyfriend.

I have a several very good female friends with whom I frequently exchange emails and there is never a misunderstanding as to reason for communicating.

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