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I always thought it was because with U.S. currendy there is the head of a dead president on one side, and a picture of the eagle on the other (including its tail). Of course, now the currency they're making has something else on the flip sides...

we have an Eagle too (had that with the D-Mark too), but for us this side was "heads" ;)

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There needn't be a head nor a tail on either side of a coin.

If it disturbs you so just call it tops or bottoms.

Oops, I know. There's no bottom on the coin.



Heads or tails. Always made sense here in the Great White North....

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And our milk comes in plastic bags. l litre plastic bags. 3 per package. milktv9.png

You put it in a milk container.


You cut a small corner off the bag with one of these..


I include these because it never ceases to freak the Americans out every time they come over..

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That is pretty weird, Ken. I recon it cuts down on waste. For those of you who are not feeling the "Heads or Tails" thing, may I recommend "Rock, Paper or Scissors?" Or if you are a little more of an intense person, rowshambo.....


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