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When I was 12 or so, I devoured Barbara Cartland romance novels. I was probably the only 12 year old in America that knew the term "going Gretna Green". I learned lots of British terms back then, some that I still wonder about today. Like what the heck is a jumper. ;)

Jumpers were probably more in fashion when I was a kid. A few years before you Shannon. I grew up wearing them.

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Since coming here to Songfacts over five years ago many mental images have formed. For example:

Whenever I hear an ELO song anywhere (as I did in my car yesterday while waiting as my wife shopped) I think of Katie and I envision her Bowie avatar.

The associations with SFers is ever present. Like...

When I hear The Kinks or anything Red Sox I think of Sammy.


Jack Black or Stevie Wonder-Peaches.

Kula Shaker-Radhi.

Can anyone hear Badfinger and not think of Laurie?

Elvis Costello-Shannon (our Costello girl).

It goes on and on and I stop now dare I leave someone out.

My question to fellow SFers is this:

What associations, mental images, etc. of SFers are evoked within you by a song, an image or the like?

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anything by the Doors - Tim

Serge Gainsbourg - our dear hélène

The Who and Oasis - Fin

Powderfinger - chris (c_s)

AC/DC - rayzor

Goldfrapp and now Kent - Susan

"Wunderbar - Tenpole Tudor" and numerous obscure Punk and Ska bands - B-F :grin:

"Holiday in Cambodia" always makes me think of Kevin, but I dunno why... maybe he nominated it in the TTs once?

additionaly to Badfinger, Neil Young makes me think of Laurie... strange, huh? :grin:

Kiss and Alice Cooper - Katie

I try to think up more :)

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Martin - heavier, grungier stuff... not necessarily just certain bands

Kevin - 80s stuff like China Girl and Forever Young... :grin: I've no idea why... might be his avatar...

Uncle Joe - doo wop stuff, and somehow also things like Little Richard

Edna, Sammy, Lucky -- Stones of course! And for edna also all things French

b-f -- anything obscure and punk-y stuff you'd find in small underground clubs

There's more, of course.

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I saw Jeff Buckley's music on Last FM and that's what made me report you missing Gisela.

Flight of the Conchords and The Doors make me think of Tim

R.E.M.-Martin and Radhi

French Pop and the Stones-Edna

Ryan and Rufus Wainwright-Sue

Willie-Mama Elvy

Janis-Sweet Jane

The White Stripes-Viaene

The Ramones-Katie

I'm far more Ryan than Elvis Costello. I haven't been Costello girl for years.

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