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Uh oh. Sammy gonna be a baby daddy again

^ :laughing: I think I like that one best.^

Well, somebody put it in the quote box and every time I see it, I think what the ****.... :laughing:

I thought it referred to an environmental thing but was still wondering what their thought processes were when they wrote it.

That whole song makes no sense to me if the lyrics I googled are correct. It sounds to me like someone went a little overboard with the LSD when they were writing it.

Maggot Brain

{Eddie Hazel, G Clinton}


Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time

For y'all have knocked her up.

I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe

I was not offended

For I knew I had to rise above it all

Or drown in my own *******.

Come on Maggot Brain

Go on Maggot Brain

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Where can I find "Purple Rain" and/or "Raspberry Beret"? It seems that Prince doesn´t allow his music to be on youtube. I searched in LastFM with no results. Nor AOL video...

If you know a site where I can listen to these songs, please let me know... :bow: :bow:

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When you add song facts to the main page is there someone that verifies the infor before they add it to the site?

I'm asking because I want to add a Paul Butterfield song and I'm just not real secure in the authorship of the song. I think my info is correct but the info is so scarce I'm just not sure.

I have the source info and was wondering if it would be checked before it's added.

I've been working on it off and on for 2 weeks and am feeling a bit insecure about it. I don't want to add bad information :crazy:

Also, I can't find much info on the song it's self but there is a little background on the album. The album name and the song name are the same. Should I add that as song info to?

I just need a little guidance.

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Lea, the short answer is yes, we verify the information submitted before it goes "live" onto the site. When you make your submittal, please credit whatever source you used to obtain the information. Someone will check it out and possibly re-write it (if it's needed) and then you'll get credited for submitting it. :)

And please be patient... due to the amount of information received it sometimes takes a while to get it checked and loaded. But if it doesn't appear within 4-6 weeks or so, feel free to check back... :)

Oh - and thank you for taking the time to do the research and submit something to Songfacts! :grin: :grin:

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Thanks Shawna I thought that might be how it worked. I try to supply as much info as I can.

When I did Dear Jill it wasn't this difficult. I think it made it to the main site in about 2 months maybe. I know it takes awhile.

I usually do lyrics on the main site but doing song facts is more challenging and more interesting.

There were no lyrics I could find for either Dear Jill or the Butterfield song I'm working on now anywhere I could see online so I was the first to add them. Now that was cool :happybanana: and as far as I know SF is the only site that has them :D

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a question to those who know a bit about language and history:

why are the two sides of a coin called "Heads" and "Tails"?

especially the tails confuse me a bit...

eg in German we say "Kopf" (Head) and "Zahl" (Number)

Martin, I believe that it's simply because tails is the opposite of heads. Like top/bottom, up/down. That's all.

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I always thought it was because with U.S. currendy there is the head of a dead president on one side, and a picture of the eagle on the other (including its tail). Of course, now the currency they're making has something else on the flip sides...

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