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Best Frontman of All-Time?


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I was surprised that Freddie Mercury wasn't the first frontman mentioned!

Freddie did sometimes play the piano (and the maraccas

), but he was an extremely commanding performer. I remember watching the Live at Wembly DVD, and after getting the audience to perform a bunch of vocal exercises, he says "F**k you!" and the crowd bursts into laughter as he walks off (after "It's a Kind of Magic").


Brian May was introducing the band at one performance, and said something to the effect of:

In leopard print pants and playing the drums, Roger Taylor!

In suit and tie and playing the bass guitar, John Deacon!

(disinterested tone of voice) and on the maraccas and sometimes vocals, Freddie Mercury.

As May walked away the mic picked up "now try to top that!" as he pointed at Freddie.

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