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  1. Jazzcat

    disturbing songs

    Warren Zevon wrote some pretty dark stuff too. Excitable Boy and Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner come to mind.
  2. Jazzcat

    Good Morning Starshine ~ 5th Dimension

    Some of you old timers like me may remember that Hair made quite a splash at the time because it was the first Broadway musical that included nudity. Very contoversial and I think producer Michael Butler had a big chunk of the family fortune on the line.
  3. Jazzcat

    You Showed Me - The Turtles

    I'm truly impressed. I visit this site on an infrequent basis and am often amazed at the knowledge of the particpants. You guys nailed that one with next to nothing to go on. Good job!!!
  4. Jazzcat

    Top 10 Sing Along Songs

    Brown Eyed Girl especially the sha-la-la chorus. Ask any bar band it's golden.
  5. Jazzcat


    Hey, that's not bad stuff to have stuck there. A couple months ago "Summer Samba" was in mine for weeks!
  6. Jazzcat

    Best Christmas Carols

    I still love Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" and just about anyone doing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" but it's tough to beat Judy Garland.
  7. Jazzcat

    Best Frontman of All-Time?

    Rock: gotta go with Mick Jagger All Time: Frank Sinatra for his undeniable command of an audience.
  8. Jazzcat

    The Allman Brothers Band

    While we're talking about it how about a mention for the genius of producer Tom Dowd who was able to capture the sound and spirit of the ABB on all those great recordings. He was to the Allmans what George Martin was to the Beatles.
  9. Jazzcat

    Theme Show

    How about Horn Bands? Look at the thread about that with plenty of good suggesitons: BS&T Chicago (ok those two are pretty obvious) Lighthouse - One Fine Morning Tower of Power - So Very Hard to Go, You're Still a Young Man, What Is Hip? Earth Wind and Fire - September, In The Stone Chase - Get It On Ides of March - Vehicle You get the idea.
  10. Jazzcat

    Best opening done on a Guitar?

    Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac Roundabout - Yes Over the Hills and Faraway - Led Zeppelin
  11. Both St. Louis Blues and Night Train are frequently associated with the old bump & grind.
  12. Jazzcat

    Horns (pop, rock, funk and soul)

    Regarding memories of the group "Chase". They were a favorite of ours in the Chicago area and my buddies and I went to see them perform every chance we got. Bill Chase had great jazz credentials and was lead trumpet in Woody Herman's big band for some time. Chase was managed by the same firm that handled the Ides of March (Vehicle) and Jim Peterik of the Ides wrote or co-wrote some of the songs on what I believe was the final Chase album. The group itself was very tight and of course the interesting thing is that the horn section was four trumpets. This was a different twist from standard horn combination of trumpet,sax, and trombone. It sure gave them a very distinctive sound and every one of those guys could absolutely scream on the horn. It was quite a shock when the accident happened.
  13. Jazzcat

    up up and away

    I'm about 99.9% sure that it was written by Jimmy Webb. Definitely a "good time" kind of tune.
  14. Jazzcat

    Best dead songwriter

    Bluesboy's list would include most of the folks that come to my mind immediately. Cole Porter would probably be at the top (no pun intended for those who know his music). I'd also add Walter Donaldson. A more contemporary guy who I miss terribly is Steve Goodman.
  15. Jazzcat

    Beatle Covers

    I really enjoy the covers performed by fingerstyle guitar artist Laurence Juber. You may remember him as a former guitarist for Wings. Also recently heard "And Your Bird Can Sing" by Matthew Sweet and Susana Hoffs on their very enjoyable album "Under the Covers".
  16. Jazzcat

    What instruments do you play?

    Drums/Percussion 38 years my main instrument. Piano, guitar, and some trumpet secondary instruments. Can't really say I have favorite songs that I play.
  17. Jazzcat

    Greatest Bass Players?

    Ok, it's your list but I think if he wasn't Paul McCartney of the Beatles and just a bass player from some other band he wouldn't get a mention here.
  18. Jazzcat

    Greatest Bass Players?

    Since you bring up Stanley Clarke I feel comfortable with adding Ron Carter (most tasteful bassist ever)and Jaco Pastorius.
  19. Jazzcat

    Greatest Bass Players?

    Point taken.
  20. Jazzcat

    Underrated Beatles songs

    Got My Mind Set On You for George as solo but as far as I know Glad All Over is a Dave Clark 5 song. Did the Beatles write that one?
  21. Jazzcat

    Stoner Music???

    As part of my jazz background I'll throw in John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk along with Keith Jarret's solo meanderings and Chick Corea's Return to Forever recordings. I'm convinced that acid is the only way to appreciate Ornette Coleman so I still don't get him. Miles is for booze (more agressive).
  22. Jazzcat

    Greatest Bass Players?

    You guys are serious about McCartney being a "great" bass player? I'm a longtime Beatles/McCartney fan but he's an above average bass player at best. I think you may be giving him more credit for his song writing skills and persona but as a bass player he's just "pretty good".
  23. Jazzcat

    Greatest Bass Players?

    Studio greats Carol Kaye (the Wrecking Crew) and James Jameson (Motown).
  24. Jazzcat

    Top 10 Forgotten Classic Rock Albums

    Greybeard beat me to it. Child is Father to the Man was a really great album. It's a whole lot edgier than the David Clayton Thomas incarnation of BS&T although I like them too. Bazooka started me thinking about that album with his mention of Electric Flag another old favorite.