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Care to explain why you feel so sure?

I guess I didn't mean to use the phrase "for sure," but it's still the game I'm most confident about as far as the big bowl games go. I'm not a big enough follower of the NCAA to pull up any stats or hard facts as to why Alabama is better, but I started watching more of the games near the end of the season and it looked like Alabama was having an easier time beating teams than Texas, and it also seemed like Alabama was playing better teams. So saying Alabama would beat Texas "for sure" was probably an overstatement, but it's still my only prediction I'm fairly confident about. And this is coming from a guy who didn't follow college football at all until I went to college (I was a freshman in 2007)

As for the other bowl games I don't have very strong predictions that I can back up with anything, but I'm rooting for Boise State and especially for my school, Oregon.

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Ah, just so on that explanation, Batman. I thought that "for sure" was strong. I, on the other hand, think Texas is going to show up hungry and that team really knows no quit. Alabama is loaded, but they also might be reading their own press clippings that say they cannot lose. Should be a very good game.

Great year for your team. I am an OSU alum, so we have a natural rivalry in regards to the Rose Bowl this year. That too, should be a great game ... even though the ducks will sink ... :thumbsdown:

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Yeah Texas could win it, college football is one of the hardest sports to predict, and when all of hte media is uniting behind one team (Alabama) it can very easily get to their head.

I'm so excited for the Rose Bowl. Watching the Ducks this year was like watching a Disney sports movie. The infamously embarassing Boise State game, the Cal blowout, the USC semi-blowout, sending the Arizona student section back to their seats in a nail-biter of a game, and the most exciting civil war game the state has ever seen (in which our previously fallen hero, Blount, was forgiven and made some huge plays)...Even if we don't win the Rose Bowl, I'm still going to call this the best season I've ever seen one of my favorite teams play.

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