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I witnessed a close friend blow their brains out a few years ago. It was one of the most horrific, psychologically-scarring events of my life. It took months before I could eat and sleep like a normal person and even to this day, loud noises or bangs send a shiver up my spine.

I can't imagine what those people felt when they saw this happen, whether he survived the attempt or not. When you witness something like this, it's a punch in the face.

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whether he survived the attempt or not

No, he died immediately - was it that what you were asking, UncleJoe? Sorry if I hadn't made that clear. :P

here's a photo gallery that shows the mourning ceremony from tonight, the people in close ups are mostly high ranking football players or officials

also the German National Team cancelled their Saturday match against Chile

bummer, with both teams in top form that would have been a really interesting match :P

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I understand that for some people, gallows humor is a way to deal with immense tragedy. Laughter through tears, if you will.

However for me, suicide was and always will be, a situation I cannot and will not ever find funny, nor will I ever understand how someone else can find it funny. If you've never witnessed someone's suicide, whether it was someone you knew or a total stranger, count yourselves extremely lucky. I wouldn't wish that kind of hell on my worst enemy.

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so if I understand it right, every division plays round robin style, and the winners go for the play-offs against the winners of the other divisions, and later the conference (very roughly), right?

so, does anything happen to the teams that finish the round robin on the last place?

or are they just humiliated and start fresh in trhe next season?

sorry if that's a stupid question...

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