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I've been a Nets fan since they were in the ABA. Our towns high school basketball star was all-american at Princeton and he was ABA Rookie of the Year for the Nets. (BTW his brother was Rookie of the Year in the NFL for the 49'ers). Anyway, I've followed them since Dr. J came and even earlier...but after back to back trips to the NBA finals,,which they lost, the team has sunk to the bottom of the league. Until they decide if they are moving to Brooklyn or staying in Jersey...no money will be spent on players. All the star players are gone and it's up to a bunch of young players and throw aways to try to win some games.

I've watched a couple games and they give their all...they aren't dogging it...they are just out manned with a lack of depth and overall talent.

I hear rumors now that they are losing games on purpose because teams that lose can move easier.

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Sports Illustrated released a list of the 10 greatest heavyweight boxers ever.

10) Lennox Lewis 42-2-1 with 32 KO's

9) Rocky Marciano 49-0 with 43 KO's

8) Joe Frazier 32-4-1 with 27 KO's

7) George Foreman 76-5 with 68 KO's

6) Jack Dempsey 64-6-9 with 49 KO's

5) Jack Johnson 86-10-11 with 40 KO's

4) Larry Holmes 69-6 with 44 KO's

3) Sonny Liston 50-4 with 39 KO's

2) Joe Louis 63-3 with 49 KO's

1) Muhammed Ali 56-5 with 37 KO's

They left off Mike Tyson (who had a record of 50-6 with 44 KO's) I realize Tyson fell from grace since his prime, but during his prime he was the best.

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I can't believe that for something like Wold Cup qualifying matches there isn't an instant replay challenge on goals ... it's not like there are many , after all ,and would only take a few seconds/minutes to confirm . This goal makes Maradona's look benign by comparison , and keeps soccer just below shuffleboard and slightly above badminton as a world class sport . It has made gains on that unpredictable air hockey standing , however ... :D

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