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I've heard no mention about our soccer team on the news at all, not even on sports networks. Nobody cares.

You're wrong. The US team has participated in some of the last World Cups. Maybe nobody cares, as you mention, -I, personally, don't give a bleep about sports, not even soccer- but they did.


Pinkstones, you should use smilies from time to time...

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Most of the time, I forget they're even there. I don't see what smilies have to do with this anyhow. *shrugs*

Anyway, I didn't say that our soccer team has done nothing of note, just that it's not really news or something of interest here. I don't even remember the World Cup being played here, and I doubt people who aren't hardcore soccer fans will either. That's just the way it is here. We have four major sports and two minor sports - golf and tennis. I think Tiger Woods has done a lot to raise golf's esteem outside of your traditional golf fanbase, but it's never going to be as big as it is other countries.

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