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Name one: he's guilty, regardless.

Donovan McNabb is the crappiest QB to come into the league - as per Fantasy points . He will just suck the lifeblood out of any team he is on . Here's hoping he has the sense to retire this year.

He's better than Vick was and I still say he's a more competent QB than Romo.

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I agree with Batman, that was my same reaction to his "windmill". Like I was saying in a different thread, they should probably retire at this point, it seems like they struggled.

Manning's legacy is now tarnished because of that interception he threw which completely cost them the game. At least he has a ring already though. :P

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Who Dat Chargers fan ?! :D

Glad to hear you survived. That does sound memorable and frightening ,too -glad they won or it may have been worse ! I've been wondering what you've been up to and seeing since the game. There's supposed to be a parade tomorrow ...up for it ? Post a pic if you can . :)

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