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:blush: Oh dear I don't really get even half of these, but i got:

"Ho ho ho green Ashley"

"It makes your lonelyday smack"

"Happiness is a cigar called Ashley"

"Do the lonelyday." :o

I'm not surprised you don't get them. I don't either. I think some of them are only used in the US and the UK.

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WagemannWorld....isn't that the place Chevy Chase tries to get to in "Vacation"??

Which vacation? There's 4 of them, and all with 3 things in common:

1. Chevy Chase sucks, not funny

2. I want to punch his son in the face

3. Cousin Eddy (Randy Quaid) is the star

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Silly Rabbit, George Michael is for Kids.

Just Do George Michael.

Your Flexible George Michael.

You Can Really Taste The Andrew Ridgely!

Monsieur, with this Andrew Ridgely you are really spoiling us.

Gee, Your Andrew Ridgely Smells Terrific.

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