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Man, this thing is in a zone:

"Oh Hungry? Oh Das Lied."

"We Do Das Lied Right."

"They're Waffly John."

"Nothin' Says Lovin' Like John from the Oven."

"Because Blind Fitter is Complicated Enough."

"Australians Wouldn't Give A Blind Fitter For Anything Else."

"Make Someone Happy with a Blind Fitter."

"Melts In Your Blind Fitter, Not In Your Hand."

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Leaves Your Pauledwardwagemann Minty not Mediciney.

Better Living Through Pauledwardwagemann.

Let's Face The Music and Pauledwardwagemann.

I'm Cuckoo For Pauledwardwagemann.

I can't stop laughing at these. I guess PEW is good for something after all, eh?

Edited by Guest
To clarify that I was laughing at the PEW slogans, not my own spectacular slogans. Stop hassling me. I'll edit what I want and when I want. And I don't need your permission or your validation to do so.
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