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I've had two disposable cameras for over a year and I haven't finished half of either. During that time my hair went from really short to shoulder length, to shorter, to feathered, to pompadour, and now it's unkempt 'cause I can't afford to have it cut. I have made it my goal to finish the roll of film and get the pics printed one of these days - even if I don't look like myself anymore.

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I hope this is not going to be too hard on dial-up users...

Here are some photo's from my holiday last week :)

This was our first sunset there, the best thing to do is put your deckchair in the shallow water and just lie there and chill out.


We had most of our meals here, at the Sand Coast Cafe and this is the view from our "usual" table. The guys there knew us by name as well as what we liked to drink. Perfect for sunsets, watching the heron's fish, crabs digging their holes and stingrays perusing the shallows. This is the protected lagoon area where they are trying to preserve coral and tropical fish - perfect for snorkelling in a safe area.


This was facing the water bungalows - we spent a lot of time here snorkelling and reading in the shade. The view is wonderful and there is a lot of exposed reef here - full of white tip reef sharks, tropical fish, puffer fish, squid and away from the crowds.


Our last night there. This was from the Anchorage Bar - just after we had fed the stingrays, eels and scavenger fish! The rays are huge but docile, we were also lucky to have some black tip baby sharks coming to feed there too - yes, you read it right - I was in the water with sharks!!!


And lastly, yours truly. I'm not tanned here, nor am I now - I spent 99% of my time there covered in 50+ sunblock - I'm terrified of getting burnt!!


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