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Hail and well met all. :shades:

Marc, Do I wish that was my job!! Fearless of the grief from the Aussies, let me say that Steve Irwin probably has one of the coolest jobs on earth(in my book anyway). This particular pretty belongs to a buddy of mine. I am scheduled for delivery of 2 yellow eyelash vipers this spring. They will be our first venemous. Waited until the kids were older and all that.

Largest fangs of any venomous snakes in the world belong to gaboon vipers. "Cerberus" is still a young adult however, his are only around an inch long now.

No fear Peaches. Peace, be still.

Hi Edna and Earth :D

Steel, That "birds eye view" picture is flippin' sweet! If I may ask, what do you do in Brazil?

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reason? I'm anal and it wasn't right...
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