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  1. Doobie Brothers Bitches Crystal
  2. So you guys just gave up? This last post is from last year... hmmm. The 2 dudes with guitars could be "men without hats"... I'm suprised the answer/spoiler hasn't been found/posted.
  3. Adam


    no, I don't write music. Sometimes, I hear a rhythm in my head...but I can't make it happen. That's what musician friends are for
  4. Adam


    Very nice Laurie, tell your husband "thanks for sharing". This is the most recent song I've written. 6/2/04 The whispers of some twenty years, still ringing in my head. The only voice that weaves through them, is the one that wants me dead. A canticle for this fallen son, now weeping for his bed, What little bit of hope remains, clings on just by a thread. Ghosts of pain that I have wrought, dancing on and on inside my head. Dirges drone on silently for a life that now seems dead. Well I could be a carpenter, working wood with my hands? Or maybe still a farmer who brings his fruit forth from the land? Better yet, my fathers trade, broken down and weary back? How to be a teacher with all the humanity that I lack? Couldn't You please write on the wall? Or speak to me through an ass? This resembles a crucial hearing test, that I fear I cannot pass. The whispers of some thirty years, still mourning in my head. Two voices strive to win my ear, and one of them wants me dead. A canticle for this fallen son, now crying for his bed. The tattered ends of hopes remains, cling on still by a thread. Well I could be a carpenter, working wood with my hands? Or maybe still a farmer who reaps his harvest from the land? Better yet, my fathers trade, crippled hands and weary back? You said to be a teacher once, but understanding still I lack. Ghosts of pain that I have wrought, dance feverishly in my head. Dirges droning silently for my flesh that now seems dead.
  5. Das your killin me! I can't quit laughing. Dang it, Im gonna wake my wife up if I dont settle down... "Men without nuts" Great there I go again!
  6. Can't sleep, or the clowns will eat me against the world. Alice Cooper + Lizzy Borden
  7. Adam

    Album cover quiz

    Not sure posting would be much use. Every time I load the page, it's different....
  8. My son and I like "Apparently I need to buy you a helmet"
  9. According to R.A. Salvatore, Dagnabbit is a rather famous dwarf...
  10. Adam

    Your Photograph

    Hail and well met all. Marc, Do I wish that was my job!! Fearless of the grief from the Aussies, let me say that Steve Irwin probably has one of the coolest jobs on earth(in my book anyway). This particular pretty belongs to a buddy of mine. I am scheduled for delivery of 2 yellow eyelash vipers this spring. They will be our first venemous. Waited until the kids were older and all that. Largest fangs of any venomous snakes in the world belong to gaboon vipers. "Cerberus" is still a young adult however, his are only around an inch long now. No fear Peaches. Peace, be still. Hi Edna and Earth Steel, That "birds eye view" picture is flippin' sweet! If I may ask, what do you do in Brazil?
  11. Adam

    Your Photograph

    Me and an east African gaboon viper. Me and my better half And finally me when I was still insane. (On the left...) Thanks photobucket.com
  12. Alice in hell is for children Annihilator + Pat Benetar
  13. Angry Neurotic Catholic Girls Carnivore + Frank Zappa
  14. This may be "old hat" hear at Songfacts, but I've not seen it. If you like a visual challenge, check this out. The challenge: I'll not be posting what I scored Yeah, that bad....
  15. Over, Under, Sideways, Down in a hole Yardbirds + Alice in Chains
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