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Henry David

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Okay, so I'm new. The name's Beth. I love music, as you probably guessed since I signed up here. My two favorite bands are in my screen name, it shouldn't take you long to figure out who they are.

There are contemporary artists and groups I like, but for the most part my tastes run to music from the 40s-80s. I was born in 1982, my birthday is in 10 days (woo-hoo), I'm a Gemini and I like pizza, my mom's homemade chocolate cream pie and long walks on the beach.

Anybody want to know anything else? LOL

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Welcome to SF Pinkstones! I'm sure you'll love it here :D

You should think about playing in some of the music Top Tens that we do weekly. We will be starting a new round on Sunday. It's fun and I'm sure you'd enjoy it. I noticed you also like 50's music. Oldd 55 is running a 50's music game that is quite enjoyable as well. You should check them out. The more the merrier :thumbsup:

It's nice to see you here have fun :hippie:

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