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Henry David

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like I said..."it's cool" Some of these boards really freak me out...lotsa knowledge... And "Edna" about those brownies... I ate a few :stars: :googly: made my skin all tight but I blamed my tailor...then it felt like someone opened my skull and puked on my brains... good brownies..."Thank you" And my chutzpah is nobodies business...and that could be true...

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Ladies,gentlemen and others...I'm just reading (the posts) seeing how everything goes... and "I apologize" If something I said :blush: made anyone upset... "Tadpole?" it's cool... this is like the 3 stooges... (I'm Shemp) I just want to learn (And eventually) share...

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no worries, chutzpah, noone was upset about anything you've said - they just thought they were being funny, but didn't remember that not everyone gets their jokes ;)


PS, the 'tadpole' will change once you have a specific amount of posts... 30 I think :)

then you'll slowly 'evolve' to other sea creatures :)

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