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Henry David

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Howdy pinkstones! Welcome to the...wait a freaking minute. Edna stole my thunder. :mad:


I sent you a check, Melocotones mon amour... :shades:

...but I promise not to do it anymore... :angel: :grin:

I meant, the stealing... not the check... :cool:

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You shouldn't give your lunch money, after a while he forgets it anyway :P

Don't worry, Venere, I haven't forgotten about you. Your running total (plus 79% interest, compounded daily, of course) now equals $1,642.28.....and that's American dollars. And as we speak, Biff and Rocco are sitting in that car just across the street from you. So, I expect you'll have it by the end of the day? Thanks, kid.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

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Hello! My name is Lindsay, and I'm from Michigan. Obviously, I'm obsessed with music. I also enjoy reading and writing. Well, that's pretty much it - from reading the posts around here, it looks like you guys are passionate about music, so I'll probably be here a while (for better or for worse). ;)

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