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  1. I haven't spoken to anybody from school for over two weeks... I tried to call a few friends, but there wasn't any answer. I tried to talk to them on Facebook, but then they had to go right after I said hello. Funny how that happens!
  2. Ah, yes, Fleet Foxes! I must remember to think before posting. I can't disagree with the rest of your post, but... the Beatles had Sgt. Pepper's. And then, of course, the Who created Tommy and Quadrophenia, two of the most iconic rock operas, before Pink Floyd wrote The Wall. But, I was thinking and... shouldn't the Velvet Underground be on this list? They basically pioneered alternative music as we now know it.
  3. I just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad that I somehow escaped having to read it for school. I think that I wouldn't have liked it as much. The freshmen this year had to read it. When we were freshmen, we read Lord of the Flies (eh), Our Town (eh again), and Ethan Frome (never again). Lord of the Flies, we were told by our English teacher this year, was said to be a story told by William Golding to his kids as a bedtime story and he really didn't mean any of the supposed symbolism. If this is true, then I want the hours I spent researching how utilitarianism and totalitarianism were present and I would also like to know what sick parent tells their kids stories about schoolboys trying to kill each other - I think that just might be the thing to give me nightmares.
  4. Yes, I believe they did. There was a time when I underestimated the importance of the Beatles, but then one day, I suddenly realized that yes, they are that good. However, for a few of the entries, I suspect that the voters were influenced by their personal favorite bands rather than going for the most influential band. For example, I can't think of any band directly influenced by the Grateful Dead, though this may be because I am not exactly a fan of the Dead and likewise would not be moved by the music of their followers. I would, however, definitely agree Bowie should be in the top ten - his various styles of music over the years has resulted in a good number of contemporary musicians benefiting from his influence.
  5. I agree completely - I'd much rather listen to a "bad" guitarist who conveys emotion than someone who knows every note and never makes a mistake. It sounds more... human to me.
  6. I'm not exactly a hip-hop obsessive, but I like this!
  7. Hello! My name is Lindsay, and I'm from Michigan. Obviously, I'm obsessed with music. I also enjoy reading and writing. Well, that's pretty much it - from reading the posts around here, it looks like you guys are passionate about music, so I'll probably be here a while (for better or for worse).
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