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  1. Nope nope.... Shawna may show up?
  2. True. Levis will post next?
  3. If that means I like to joke, then most definitely true. You like rap
  4. Waiting to go shopping and wishing I had tonnes of money
  5. True most the time. You are a smoker.
  6. The book! Movies based on books are usually disappointing. thriller or romance?
  7. I still do that sometimes....but the next day i feel very old
  8. False. You hate people with high pitched voices.
  9. I'll be right this time!! EDNA!
  10. I saw American Psycho a few days ago. As much as I like psycho-killer type movies, I wasn't quite fond of this one. It was interesting till the middle but the end ruined it for me. 6/10
  11. i would beg people to adopt them I guess! I don't have any pets at the moment, so not sure. WWYD if the music you used to hate suddenly seems more likable?
  12. decide to move out of the north pole to a different region WWYD if your partner (bf/husband etc) cheats on you?
  13. I haven't done either but I would like to go wind sailing. get even or let it go?
  14. not yet she isn't. So maybe now, Laurie.
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