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Bring back your favorite Sit Com

Uncle Joe

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I voted Seinfeld because it is my number one favorite sitcom of all time. I still watch the 4 million repeats on every channel. My second choice from that list would be Barney Miller. Lord, I loved that show. You can't go wrong with Fish! I enjoyed M*A*S*H but I was a little young at the time to get all that was going on. Cheers was okay, but I didn't cry when it ended.

I'd also like to throw in the Bob Newhart show. Now that was some fine television. ::

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Anybody remember that episode of Barney Miller where the squad ate some funny brownies by mistake? Wojo and Yamana were soooo stoned, they were hilarious. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Wojo enters the squad room, Barney:"Wojo, you know you're late?" Wojo:"Yeah, But Barn...I got really good excuse." Barney:"I don't want to hear it." Wojo:"Ok, I'll use it next time".

Yamana's coffee

I voted for Barney Miller, but truth be told, my favorite out of the four choices you listed is the first two seasons of M*A*S*H, with McLean Stevensen and Wayne Rogers, after that it started to become a political soapbox. There is nothing either funny or entertaining about a political soapbox show.

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CHEERS is my number one, only cause there is always a good bar story that can be told there. I used to stay up to watch re-runs on Friday and Saturday night on WPIX with my dad when I was a kid. It was fun times.

My second would be MASH. Although I do think the way that it ended was perfect and shouldn't be re-done.

I hate hate hate hate Seinfeld. I find that show just plain un-funny.

Barney Miller is before my time, I have no idea what it is.

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No doubt Sammy....This is also my favorite sitcom ever. FX has been running them over the last year or so and I still try to catch every episode! My gf hates Al Bundy but if you can get past the comic moments alot of what he says is so true and profound. He is my hero!

Another show not mentioned which I loved was Night Court. One of the public defenders on the show was Ellen Foley. You may recall she sang with Meat Loaf on Paradise By The Dashboard Light. TV Land is having a 48 hour Night Court Marathon in a few weeks ( I believe the weekend of Aug 13) so don't call, write, email, etc. I will be sitting back and enjoying the marathon while ignoring the rest of the world.

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Another classic episode was the holiday turkey giveaway on "WKRP In Cincinnati".

:doh: :doh:

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:


Baby, if you've ever wondered,

Wondered whatever became of me,

I'm living on the air in Cincinnati,

Cincinnati, WKRP.

Got kind of tired packing and unpacking,

Town to town and up and down the dial

Maybe you and me were never meant to be,

But baby think of me once in awhile.

I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati..

Don't hate on Venus Flytrap. He was the mofo, yo. :afro:

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Diggs wrote

Can I vote for Rab C Nesbitt? Suttie will know who

I mean.

I, a no wit wan yi mean Diggs,but al tell yi this boy

thirs anuther wan oot noo, its kod STILL GAME way

Jack and Victer init, an its well funnier. Friday nights

at 10 o`cloak oan BBC2, 2nd wan oan this week. :: :jester:

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