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  1. TenYearsGone

    Poised to be big, then PFFT!

    Mine too! Foghat/J. Geils/Head East, Winterland, San Fran, 1975.
  2. TenYearsGone

    Who did that album?

    Syd Barrett Living In Fear
  3. TenYearsGone

    The Who, Isle of Wight on DVD...own this!!!!!!

    I saw this a few weeks ago on IDHDTV and was blown away. It was the most incredible footage of the band I have ever seen, and I've seen it all. The sound was crystal-clear. And John's skeleton suit was the best stage-wear ever. I will be getting my copy very soon.
  4. TenYearsGone

    What Album Is That?

    let's see...trying to get into the mind of edna is not easy what would she post? :: It's not The Stones, Beatles, or Starship. Not Bob Seeger, Velvet Underground, or Mott. Not Cohen, Blondie, or the Talking Heads. hmmmmmm.......... I give up Edna, we need a hint.
  5. TenYearsGone

    Bring back your favorite Sit Com

    I remember...great show. Chuck the dummy.
  6. TenYearsGone


    If you define "hit" as reaching the US Billboard top 40 then: Born to Be Wild #2 1968 Magic Carpet Ride #3 1968 Rock Me #10 1969 Straight Shootin' Woman #29 1974 Move Over #31 1969 Hey Lawdy Mama #35 1970 All these and some mentioned above, except "Straight Shootin' Woman", can be found on the 'Steppenwolf 16 Greatest Hits" recording first released in 1973. :guitar: :guitar: ps - I like "Monster" "Snowblind Friend" reached #60 in 1971
  7. TenYearsGone

    Bring back your favorite Sit Com

    Anybody remember that episode of Barney Miller where the squad ate some funny brownies by mistake? Wojo and Yamana were soooo stoned, they were hilarious.
  8. TenYearsGone


    songs refering to the time: 25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago one after 909 - Beatles 9 to 5 - Parton
  9. TenYearsGone

    What Album Is That?

    Yes ChrisRoger you are correct ELO
  10. TenYearsGone

    What Album Is That?

    No on both, but good try Edna Let's see.....unconventional intruments for a rock band, album title is Spanish-sounding.
  11. TenYearsGone

    What Album Is That?

    Sure thing - British band, this LP was released in 1974, I think. It was their 3rd or 4th release and contained one of their early big hits. The band kept going until well into the 1980's. :guitar: I can't think of anything else at the moment. ::
  12. TenYearsGone

    This is really weird

    my answer was red hammer. I KNEW I was normal, I gotta go tell my Mom.
  13. TenYearsGone

    What Album Is That?

    No! good lord...
  14. TenYearsGone

    What Album Is That?

    Edna's is "Dragon Fly" by Jefferson Starship next: