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The Songfactor's Choice: Best Soundtracks

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Even though my nomination didn't make it, I think it's a fantastic list. It covers everything... musical, music movie, movie about music, dark horse and ... regular old "music from the motion picture".

Radhi you've hit the nail on the head, or rather we all did! This is a great list. I'm thinking of a weekend holed up at home, with all 5 of these movies to watch. The movies are great, the music is great... sounds like a blast to me! :)

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Thanks to everyone for the great turnout! This first installment of the new version has gone pretty darn well. Hopefully it will continue to do so, and provide some interesting and worthy contributions!! Keep watching this space for the next round, it promises to be a great one... (We already have a really good idea)! :)

Check out the results from this first round of

The Songfactor's Music of Choice right here!


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