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The Songfactor's Choice: Best Soundtracks


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Well, there are no more takers apparent, so lets get on with the voting! Please don't forget to give us some feedback, and any suggestions you might have for future themes! Thanks to everyone for the nice response so far, you've given us 24 nominations! Pretty good for the first time out. If you've participated in the Songfactor's Choice Top Ten, you know how this works.... ;)

There are a couple of items to note:

* ALL Songfacts members are invited to vote, whether you've nominated or not. The idea is for this to be THE SONGFACTOR'S MUSIC of CHOICE , so we need everyone's participation!

* List your 5 favorite SOUNDTRACKS, in order of preference, 1 through 5. They'll be allotted points, 5 for #1, 4 for #2, etc. We'll post the results, both here, and on the Main Page officially as Volume 1 of......

[color: Black]THE SONGFACTOR'S MUSIC of CHOICE !! :headphones:

VOTE NOW !! :thumbsup:

A Hard Day's Night

Almost Famous

American Graffiti

Big Chill, The

Boogie Nights

Dirty Dancing

Easy Rider

Empire Records

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Forrest Gump


Jesus Christ Superstar

Midnight Cowboy

Natural Born Killers

Obscured by Clouds

Pretty in Pink

Pulp Fiction


Reality Bites

Saturday Night Fever

The Graduate

The Virgin Suicides

Top Gun

Vanilla Sky


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1-Jesus Christ Superstar

2-Big Chill, The

3-Dirty Dancing

4-Saturday Night Fever

5-Midnight Cowboy

Rather difficult to pare down to 5. I know it's early yet but I'm surprised by the lack of votes for Jesus Christ Superstar which I (and many others) deem to be the most original musical ever written.

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2.Saturday Night Fever

3.Big Chill, The

4.Dirty Dancing

5.The Graduate

Even though I'm one of the biggest Beatles' fans here, I omitted A Hard Day's Night because the Movie was just one big promo ! No story at all. Sorry Elvy.

I finally hired The Big Chill DVD. It would have been easier to buy it, but I'm glad I didn't. I think the music is better than the movie. Let's go for 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg' where they're dancing around in the kitchen as best 'scene song'. 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' from the funeral scene would have easily been the best - especially as they skipped that annoying 'choirboy' intro in the movie - but for some reason it wan't on the original soundtrack album.

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That's the scene/song I would pick as well Darryl! It's been years since I've seen the movie, but the kitchen scene is the one that comes to mind immediately for me! Well, other than that song with the annoying choir boy intro... I'm so glad you didn't have to listen to that! ;)

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