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The Songfactor's Choice: Best Soundtracks


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* ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE * Please join us, and share your knowledge and your love of the thing that keeps SONGFACTS the community we all know and love. MUSIC ! The basic guidelines are simple....

*The Songfactor's Music of Choice will be decided by your nominations and votes. For each edition we'll ask that you nominate 1 OR 2 selections that meet the guidelines for that edition.

*With each nomination, we'll ask that you give us a review, a few thoughts or just a description of how your selection makes you feel. No one is being graded on their writing here. What we want is for you to share your knowledge and feelings about the music you love.

*Each edition will run 3 to 4 weeks. At the end of that time, we'll ask you to vote. You know how that works! These lists will number 5, so we'll ask that you compile your list of 5 choices for the final Songfactor's Music of Choice. We will tally them, just like The Songfactor's Choice Top Ten, 1 through 5. At the close of voting, we will have our Songfactor's Music of Choice.

*We're going to try to be creative with this. We want to encourage an exchange of thoughts, so this will be a place to learn about and enjoy the nominations, as well as the final choices. The guidelines will change with each edition. So Welcome To.....


*What we'd like is for you to nominate a great Soundtrack. To change it up a bit, instead of reviewing the album, we'd like for you to choose one song from that Soundtrack to highlight. Tell us how that song makes the scene it corresponds to work. Why is it memorable? How does it make you feel? Why do you think of the film everytime you hear the song? Get it? Got It? Good! ;)


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We expect lots of questions. Heck, WE have lots of questions. This is entirely a work in progress. To use Carl's words, we'll tweak it when and where it needs tweaking. The Brainstorm thread is still available to add suggestions or questions, or you can do so here. This is The Songfactors' Choice, after all. Tell us what you think works, and what doesn't! :)

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Midnight Cowboy

John Barry


I just love this whole album. The music was written by John Barry ("James Bond Theme", The Knack, Born Free, The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves... ) whom I worship.

A diverse album. Barry´s style goes from the catchy "Florida Fantasy" to the blues of "Midnight Cowboy", the ambiance is just perfect and Harry Nilsson singing the main song fits like a glove.

Schlesinger, the director of the movie, was the one who chosed "Everybody's Talkin" by Harry Nilsson (written by Fred Neil). There´s also a couple of songs by The Elephanst´s Memory Band, they were the backing band for John Lennon by then.

Of course, I love "Everybody´s Talking". Not only it´s a great song but it also brings me back to the late sixties/early seventies.


1. Everybody's Talkin' (Harry Nilsson)

2. Joe Buck Rides Again

3. A Famous Myth (The Groop)

4. Sun City

5. He Quit Me ( Leslie Miller )(written by Warren Zevon)

6. Jungle Gym at the Zoo (Elephants Memory)

7. Midnight Cowboy

8. Old Man willow (Elephants Memory)

9. Florida Fantasy

10. Tears and Joys (The Groop)

11. Science Fiction

12. Everybody's Talkin' (Harry Nilsson)

The highlight: "Everybody´s talking" - Harry Nilsson. Obvious. :cool:

Is that what we need, Lucky? I´ll try to edit and post more later on... I have to go to work now... ;)

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By jove, she's got it! That's it exactly edna, ya done good kid. Thank you so much for not leaving me swinging in the breeze here. :)

Now edna writes a very nice review. Again, it's not required, if you just want to give us a few sentences, that's fine. Just pick a song from the album, and tell us about it! ;)

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Music from the Motion Picture "Pulp Fiction" (1994)

1. "Pumpkin and Honey Bunny" (dialogue)/"Misirlou" (Quentin Tarantino/Fred Wise, Milton Leeds, S. K. Russell, Nicholas Roubanis) – 2:27

* Dialogue excerpt featuring Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer; song performed by Dick Dale & His Deltones

2. "Royale With Cheese" (Quentin Tarantino) – 1:42

* Dialogue excerpt featuring Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta

3. "Jungle Boogie" (Ronald Bell and Kool & the Gang) – 3:05

* Performed by Kool & the Gang

4. "Let's Stay Together" (Al Green, Al Jackson, Jr. and Willie Mitchell) – 3:15

* Performed by Al Green

5. "Bustin' Surfboards" (Gerald, Jesse and Norman Sanders and Leonard Delaney) – 2:26

* Performed by The Tornadoes

6. "Lonesome Town" (Baker Knight) – 2:13

* Performed by Ricky Nelson

7. "Son of a Preacher Man" (John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins) – 2:25

* Performed by Dusty Springfield

8. "Zed's Dead, Baby" (dialogue)/"Bullwinkle Part II" (Quentin Tarantino/Dennis Rose and Ernest Furrow) – 2:39

* Dialogue excerpt featuring Maria de Medeiros and Bruce Willis; song performed by The Centurions

9. "Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest" (dialogue)/"You Never Can Tell" (Quentin Tarantino/Chuck Berry) – 3:12

* Dialogue excerpt featuring Jerome Patrick Hoban (as "Ed Sullivan"); song performed by Chuck Berry

10. "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" (Neil Diamond) – 3:09

* Performed by Urge Overkill

11. "If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)" (Maria McKee) – 4:55

* Performed by Maria McKee

12. "Bring Out the Gimp" (dialogue)/"Comanche" (Quentin Tarantino/The Revels) – 2:10

* Dialogue excerpt featuring Peter Greene and Duane Whitaker, song performed by The Revels

13. "Flowers on the Wall" (Lewis C. Dewitt) – 2:23

* Performed by The Statler Brothers

14. "Personality Goes a Long Way" (Quentin Tarantino) – 1:00

* Dialogue excerpt featuring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson

15. "Surf Rider" (Bob Bogle, Nole Edwards, Don Wilson) – 3:18

* Performed by The Lively Ones

16. "Ezekiel – 25:17" (Quentin Tarantino) – 0:52

* Dialogue excerpt featuring Samuel L. Jackson

The first thing I have to say is that Quentin Tarantino is a absolute genius when it comes to incorporate music into his films.

The score basically consists of Surf Music, because as Tarantino said "it just seems like rock 'n' roll Ennio Morricone music, rock 'n' roll spaghetti Western music."

The most famous scene, musical-wise, is probably Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest, but while that's a good one it's also only the most obvious choice, imho... there are also other highlights like Mia (Thurman) dancing and singing to Urge Overkill's version of "Girl, you'll be a woman soon", only to overdose shortly after...

But even with all the other cool songs, my personal favourite is, and was from the first time I saw the movie, the Opening Credits :rockon: who knew the song "Misirlou" before the movie came, and more importantly: who can listen to it today and not think of Pulp Fiction?

not me ;) :grin:

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Reality Bites

1. My Sharona - The Knack

2. Spin The Bottle - Juliana Hatfield Three

3. Bed Of Roses - The Indians

4. When You Come Back To Me - World Party

5. Going, Going, Gone - The Posies

6. Stay - Lisa Loeb

7. All I Want Is You - U2

8. Locked Out - Crowded House

9. Spinning Around Over - Lenny Kravitz

10. I'm Nuthin' - Ethan Hawke

11. Turnip Farm - Dinosaur Jr.

12. Revival - Me Phi Me

13. Tempted - Squeeze

14. Baby, I Love Your Way - Big Mountain

I think every song up there with a link is is characteristic of the movie... My Sharona included. It made its comeback with this film. it makes its appearance on screen when it starts playing on the radio in a supermarket and three of the four characters present start dancing to it at the counter (Ethan hawke just looks unamused and embarassed by his 'friends').

Stay is a trademark Reality Bites... it only plays over the end credits but is still so closely n Hawke directed the video which is 'famous' for being one continuous shot.

Winona Ryder and Jeanine Garofalo are singing along to Squeeze Squeeze when they 'bump' into Ben Stiller on the road.

Every song automatically brings up specific images from the movie... I think so anyway :)

Oh... and I like Big Mountain's cover

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The Sound track that defined disco in the late 70's


1. Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees

2. How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees

3. Night Fever - Bee Gees

4. More Than A Woman - Bee Gees

5. If I Can't Have You - Yvonne Elliman

6. A Fifth Of Beethoven (Based On Beethoven's Fifth Symphony) - Walter Murphy

7. More Than A Woman - Tavares

8. Manhattan Skyline - David Shire

9. Calypso Breakdown - Ralph McDonald

10. Night On Disco Mountain (Based On 'Night On Bald Mountain') - David Shire

11. Open Sesame - Kool & The Gang

12. Jive Talkin' - Bee Gees

13. You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees

14. Boogie Shoes - K.C. And The Sunshine Band

15. Salsation - David Shire

16. K-Jee - M.F.S.B.

17. Disco Inferno - Trammps

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Shannon, that album defined not only disco of the late 70's, but the times themselves. I was 22 in 1978, and I, along with all my friends professed great dislike of the entire disco phenomenom (still do). Professed. We also went to see the movie in droves. To this day I can't hear the song Stayin' Alive, without seeing Tony (John Travolta) walking the streets, oh so cool. The rest of the songs also bring up similar memories. This was a great choice, the music of the film mirrors the times, and now, 30 years later, the songs still conjure up the images from the film. :thumbsup:

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Almost Famous


1. Simon and Garfunkel: "America" (Paul Simon) – 3:37

2. The Who: "Sparks" (Pete Townshend) – 3:48

3. Todd Rundgren: "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" (Rundgren)– 3:51

4. Yes: "I've Seen All Good People: Your Move" (Jon Anderson) – 3:33

5. The Beach Boys: "Feel Flows" (Carl Wilson, Jack Rieley)– 4:44

6. Stillwater: "Fever Dog" (Russell Hammond) – 3:10

7. Rod Stewart: "Every Picture Tells a Story" (Rod Stewart, Ron Wood) – 5:55

8. The Seeds: "Mr. Farmer" (Sky Saxon) – 2:51

9. The Allman Brothers Band: "One Way Out" (Live) (Elmore James, Marshall Sehorn, Sonny Boy Williamson II) – 4:59

10. Lynyrd Skynyrd: "Simple Man" (Gary Rossington, Ronnie Van Zant) – 5:56

11. Led Zeppelin: "That's the Way" (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 5:37

12. Elton John: "Tiny Dancer" (John, Bernie Taupin) – 6:15

13. Nancy Wilson: "Lucky Trumble" (Nancy Wilson) – 2:42

14. David Bowie: "I'm Waiting for the Man" (Live) (Lou Reed) – 5:43

15. Cat Stevens: "The Wind" (Stevens) – 1:40

16. Clarence Carter: "Slip Away" (William Armstrong, Marcus Lewis Daniel, Wilbur Terrell) – 2:32

17. Thunderclap Newman: "Something in the Air" (John Keen) – 3:54

A great soundtrack to one of the greatest rock and roll movies I've ever seen. The Tiny Dancer scene is amazing.

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Jesus Christ Superstar

do you think you're who they say you are...

IMHO the best soundtrack ever recorded. I have seen this movie more times than I can count, seen the live stage version with and without Ted Neeley as JC, I know every word to every song in this rock opera, I'm even such a freak that I know a lot of trivia about the actors in the movie.

This movie hit theatres in 1973 and was widely boycotted because many people felt it was sacreligious. There were protests and picketing by those who thought this was an insult to Jesus Christ.

Despite that, it has become one of the most listened-to and loved soundtracks of all time. This soundtrack spawned two major hits with "I Don't Know How To Love Him" and "Superstar."

"Could We Start Again, Please" is an incredibly moving song that was not in the original stage show. I can't imagine the show without it.

My favorite scene from the movie and song on the soundtrack is "Gesthemane (I Only Want To Say)." Ted did an unbelievable job of bringing forth the emotion in this song as he confronts his maker and would-be murderer. No matter how many times I hear this song, I still get goosebumps.


Track listing:

Heaven On Their Minds

What's The Buzz

Strange Thing Mystifying

Then We Are Decided

Everything's Alright

This Jesus Must die


Simon Zealotes

Poor Jerusalem

Pilate's Dream

The Temple

I Don't Know How To Love Him

Damned For All Time/Blood Money

The Last Supper

Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)

The Arrest

Peter's Denial

Pilate and Christ

King Herod's Song

Could We Start Again, Please

Judas' Death

Trial Before Pilate


The Crucifixion

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Disc: 1

1. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

2. Rebel Rouser - Duane Eddy

3. (I Don't Know Why) But I Do - Clarence 'Frogman' Henry

4. Walk Right In - The Rooftop Singers

5. Land Of 1000 Dances - Wilson Pickett

6. Blowin' In The Wind - Joan Baez

7. Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

8. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) - The Four Tops

9. Respect - Aretha Franklin

10. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Bob Dylan

11. Sloop John B - The Beach Boys

12. California Dreamin' - The Mamas And The Papas

13. For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

14. What The World Needs Now Is Love - Jackie DeShannon

15. Break On Through (To The Other Side) - The Doors

16. Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel

Disc: 2

1. Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane

2. Let's Get Together - The Youngbloods

3. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) - Scott McKenzie

4. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) - The Byrds

5. Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In - The Fifth Dimension

6. Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson

7. Joy To The World - Three Dog Night

8. Stoned Love - The Supremes

9. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - B.J. Thomas

10. Mr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man) - Randy Newman

11. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynrd Skynrd

12. It Keeps You Runnin' - The Doobie Brothers

13. I've Got To Use My Imagination - Gladys Knight & The Pips

14. On The Road Again - Willie Nelson

15. Against The Wind - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

16. Forrest Gump Suite - Alan Silvestri

I'm not good on this review stuff, so I'll just say a few words...I'm not a real big Tom Hanks fan, but I absolutely loved him in this movie, and the rest of the cast were also great....I went right out and got the soundtrack as soon as I could,...What a great collection of classics that range from the 50's right through the 70's, and flows along with the story line so well...I played the heck out of the album, and just about all the songs are my favorites...One song I really like though is "Fortunate Son" CCR...the lyrics send out a powerful message....I can't remember the exact scene when this song played, maybe someone can help me out with that...

It's been very hectic in my last few weeks here at home and work, so hopefully I will get a chance to get on...alot going on right now......

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1. A Hard Day's Night

2. I Should Have Known Better

3. If I Fell

4. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

5. And I Love Her

6. Tell Me Why

7. Can't Buy Me Love

8. Any Time At All

9. I'll Cry Instead

10. Things We Said Today

11. When I Get Home

12. You Can't Do That

13. I'll Be Back

Hard to pick one scene/song because the movie goes from one awesome sequence to another. I suppose the scene/song that really stands out for me is when they're playing cards on the train, with young Patti Boyd alongside them. Can't help but think that the song title in that scene ( I Should Have Known Better) is prophetic, at least for George.

Editorial Reviews


Strummmmm! That dramatic guitar chord that kicks of A Hard Day's Night (album, song, movie) still jumps right out at you, slaps you in the face, and jump-starts your heart. And you know what? Both the music and the film are still as crisp and lively as they were in 1964. Of course, only the first seven songs are actually in the movie (and they are the strongest of the bunch, from the rousing rock & roll of the title track and the hit single "Can't Buy Me Love," to the beautiful ballads "If I Fell" and "And I Love Her"). But nobody's going to complain about having songs like "I'll Cry Instead" and "Things We Said Today" in the second half of the record; they sure don't feel like leftovers. Yet another high-point for John, Paul, George, and Ringo--four fab fellows who hit the highest heights imaginable. --Jim Emerson

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