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I'm not sure if I understand this... but I'll take a stab.

I'd like to bestow my divine power to...

Silver Springs ~ Fleetwood Mac (so this adds 1, right?)


Heal: Silver Springs ~ Fleetwood Mac

Hurt: ~ Time ~ Pink Floyd

And I vote to not bring back Tom Sawyer.

Did I do any of that correctly?

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Yeah. I'd just like to add a quick note about Godmode. On the boards I pulled this from, when casting a God power, you do not say 'Heal' or 'Hurt', rather, you Invoke a God power. So watch this as I vote:

Heal - Green River

Hurt - The Monkees Theme

Invoke - Lord Knows I Can't Change, then one of the three choices for this power, which for me is Green River.

And I bring back Tom Sawyer.

Hope that helped. :)

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Thanks Ry, you're very patient to put up with me and my other 1/8th of a brain Shawna... :grin:

I edited my above post...Did I get it right this time? :P

Thank you, I am a patient man after all. :grin:

You got it right...except

Lord Knows I Can't Change: +1 to Holy Water, Silver Springs, or Green River

Hotel California isn't an option for either power. I'm sure you'll get it right though. :)

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Heal: Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

Hurt: The Monkees Theme - The Monkees

Invoke: There's Too Many Places I've Got to See: -1 for Jet Airliner

Bring back Tom Sawyer! I know everyone will just vote it off again, but that's just 'cos you guys just don't realise that prog rock is the greatest form of music ever created. :grin: :P

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If the last round was hectic, I don’t know what this one will be. A total of four song went Godmode, another song was eliminated, and one more rose from the dead as quickly as it died.

Now before anybody gets any ideas, let me say this about God powers. When it says, “You can only choose one God power in total,†it means only one power. So if somebody tried to use one power for one song and another for a different song and pass that off as fair, it won’t be. One power means one power in total, not for just one song.

Now here are the four songs you can’t vote for this round with divine retribution:

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down: +1 Any song from the 90s

Recognize the pain in me: -1 Gold Dust Woman or Beast of Burden

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Let me remember the things I love: +1 Sky Pilot or Good Vibrations

You're gonna find the world is smould'rin: -1 Highway to Hell or Losing My Religion

Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac

Time cast a spell on you: +1 Time, Changes or Weeping Widow

The sound of my voice will haunt you: -1 Any song after 1977

To Love Somebody - The Bee Gees

I live and breathe for you: +1 Jive Talkin’

You don't know what it's like: -1 Any song that hasn’t been a God

(A quick note about multi-choice God powers: you must be specific about what song you want that power invoked for.)

And the standings:

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve Godmode

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival Godmode

Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac Godmode

To Love Somebody - The Bee Gees Godmode

Hotel California - The Eagles 14

Black - Pearl Jam 13

Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones 12

Jammin' - Bob Marley & the Wailers 12

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress - The Hollies 12

Losing My Religion - R.E.M. 12

Roundabout - Yes 12

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys 11

Highway To Hell - AC/DC 11

Jackson Browne - The Pretender 11

Lookin' Out My Backdoor - Creedence Clearwater Revival 11

Sky Pilot - The Animals 11

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 11

Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd* 10

Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac 10

Holy Water - Bad Company 10

Sister Christian - Night Ranger 10

Tom Sawyer - Rush+ 10

Changes - David Bowie 9

Downeaster Alexa - Billy Joel 9

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor 9

If You Don't Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 9

Imagine - John Lennon 9

Time - Pink Floyd 9

Hyperdrive - Jefferson Starship 8

If I'd Been The One - 38 Special 8

One Vision - Queen 8

Weeping Widow - April Wine 8

Jive Talking - The Bee Gees 7

Jet Airliner - The Steve Miller Band 6

New Orleans Is Sinking - The Tragically Hip 6

Leader Of Men - Nickelback 3


The Monkees Theme - The Monkees

*=Former God

+=Was killed but resurrected.

Round 7


  • Name one song you would like to heal.
  • Name a different song you would like to hurt.
  • You can only vote once during this round.

This voting round ends tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST.

VOTE AWAY! :thumbsup:

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Oh boy. I missed a couple of days, and now I'm totally confused! :crazy:

I'm just healing and hurting, right?

heal: The Pretender

hurt: Eye of the Tiger

Let me remember the things I love: Good Vibrations

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I clearly didn't read them either. Thanks cs!
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