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Super Ry 71

Heal or Hurt

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Alright, I've seen this game played at another message board I visit, so I thought I give it a shot at hosting my own version. This game is called "Heal or Hurt" and is fairly simple to play.

Part 1. You must nominate up to three songs that you personally enjoy. After twenty-four (or more) songs are on the list, the game begins with each song set at 10 Hit Points, or HP.

Part 2. You can vote to add one point, or ‘heal’ a song. However, you can only heal one song per post. Likewise, you can vote to ‘hurt’ a different song, which lowers its HP by one point. Again, you can only hurt one song per post, and you can’t vote more than once per round. After roughly twenty-four hours have past, the voting round closes and the results are tallied. If any songs are remaining and have at least 1 HP, another round of voting takes place.

Part 3. Once a song’s points have reached zero, it is eliminated from play, and voting continues.

Godmode. If any song reaches 15 HP, it will have reached what is called ‘Godmode.’ In this form, the song will grant powers (for that turn only) that may be used in addition to normal healing and hurting. Depending on how many times a song has reached Godmode determines how strong it will be; for example, if a song has become a god for the first time, it’s powers can only use 1 point of energy, but if it has reached its 5th level of Godhood, powers will be +/- 5 points and so on. Also, you cannot heal or hurt a song while it is in Godmode. You can, however, heal/hurt it on the next turn (referred to as ‘Cooldown’). The song’s HP will then return to ten. To reach Godmode again, a song must have reached the next fifth increment at the end of a round (i.e. 1st time 15, 2nd time 20, 3rd time 25, etc.).

Special Event 1. On Tuesdays, a special event will take place called “New Releases.†In addition to normal rules, you can vote from three different artists. At the end of the round, the winning artist has one of their songs not in play added for the next round. As always, it starting HP level is ten. This does not include songs they may have previously had that were voted off.

Special Event 2. Another special event occurs on Saturdays. This is entitled “Forgotten Favorites.†Any songs that had been voted out during any of the last five rounds will be eligible to be brought back into play. After the round is over, the song with the most votes returns to play at 10 HP.

Part 4. The game is over when only one song remains.

That sure was a mouthful. :shocked: *gasps for air* Hope you understood all that. If you didn't, don't worry. The game is much simpler than my explanation. I start the nomination process:

Time - Pink Floyd

Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac

One Vision - Queen

It not really necessary to make links, but you can do it if you want to. :)

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I would just like to say thank you so much to the three people would have nominated so far. It really means so much to me. And to the rest of you, please nominate! We don't have a deadline to stop until we have twenty-four songs (or more).

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well, everybody knows that every song made after 1976 isn't worth listening to :beatnik:

What about Dogs? That's after 1976 and I feel it's worth listening to.

Is this the musical version of Dungeons and Dragons?

It CAME from a D&D site, but it has no resemblance to that complicated game that I'll never play.

Also, thanks to the sudden surge in popularity (I thank the shout box...and Laurie), we have OVER 24 songs. Whoo! Now that that's settle, I am set to begin the game at approximately six o'clock this evening, my time (I'm on EST, but were going through DST <= }:( ). So, that still gives some people 5 hours to nominate. I'll see you a bit later!

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