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Super Ry 71

Heal or Hurt

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Heal: To Love Somebody - The Bee Gees

Hurt: Imagine- Lennon

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I changed my nomination as soon as I posted it as I prefer the one I nominated.

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there's only one song by Rush that I've ever really liked, and I don't know the name of it. Some of the lyrics are "I see the tip of the iceberg and I worry about you..." Anyone?

Distant Early Warning

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Heal: Losing My Religion ~ R.E.M.

Hurt: The Monkees Theme ~ The Monkees

All you Rush dissers are making me angry. }:(

Well, not really angry. But I don't think they deserve this mistreatment. :(

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I am also a Rush hater. The only one of their songs which I like is In The Mood, one of their first hits, I believe. I really don't like Geddy Lee's vocals.

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Very quickly everyone found a scapegoat to thrash on, 'Tom Sawyer.' A few other songs also gained and lost point here and there, but this early in there isn't a very big favorite:

To Love Somebody - The Bee Gees 12

Black - Pearl Jam 11

Highway To Hell - AC/DC 11

Hotel California - The Eagles 11

If You Don't Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 11

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress - The Hollies 11

Losing my Religion - R.E.M. 11

Sister Christian - Night Ranger 11

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 11

Time - Pink Floyd 11

Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones 10

Changes - David Bowie 10

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor 10

Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd 10

Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac 10

Good Vibrations - Beach Boys 10

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival 10

Holy Water - Bad Company 10

Hyperdrive - Jefferson Starship 10

If I'd Been The One - 38 Special 10

Jackson Browne - The Pretender 10

Jammin' - Bob Marley & the Wailers 10

Jive Talking - The Bee Gees 10

Leader Of Men - Nickelback 10

Lookin' Out My Backdoor - Creedence Clearwater Revival 10

One Vision - Queen 10

Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac 10

Sky Pilot - Eric Burdon 10

Weeping Widow - April Wine 10

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve 9

Downeaster Alexa - Billy Joel 9

Imagine - John Lennon 9

New Orleans Is Sinking - The Tragically Hip 9

Roundabout - Yes 9

The Monkees Theme - The Monkees 8

Tom Sawyer - Rush 6

Round 2


  • Name one song that you would like to heal (add 1 point to).
  • Name a different song you would like to hurt (subtract 1 point from).
  • You many only vote once.



In addition to the above rules, vote for one of the following artists/bands:

Tony Orlando and Dawn

The Steve Miller Band

Black Sabbath

The winning group will have one of their songs added to the list tomorrow.

This voting round ends tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST.

VOTE AWAY! :thumbsup:

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I disagree... I don't think the beating "Tom Sawyer" took had anything to do with a collusion amongst us... just personal taste.

Heal ~ Silver Springs ~ Fleetwood Mac

Hurt ~ Time ~ Pink Floyd


I would vote for Tony Orlando and Dawn, if they had been a real band! }:( }:( }:(

As it stands, I'll vote for Steve Miller.

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forgot to vote for a band...

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Heal: Bittersweet Symphony

Hurt: Weeping Widow

I don't even know if I'm allowed to play since I missed the nominating, but you don't hurt my songs! :mad:

Anyway, Steve Miller, I think

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