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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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Spare me the physics.

My statement, and National Geographic, knows otherwise.

But hey, people once swore that the Earth was at the center of the universe. People were killed if they thought otherwise.

My globe analogy is the simplest way to prove what's the largest land mass (continent)

Ok, if you'll only believe National Geographic, then

this National Geographic site calls Antarctica the 5th largest continent


National Geographic Kids calls Asia the largest continent.

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Fine... I'm burning the atlas that cost a bit of money because I could show each and every one of you at least twenty different photo shots and angles of Earth's largest land-mass.

My atlas means nothing to y'all but being a novice cartographer I'm more disappointed than mad at those that don't even know what a compass is.

The pages of my useless National Geographic atlas burns freely in the wind. Why? Because what I learned from it is filed in my brain.

Those of you that question my knowledge of planet earth and its land seas air and downright foolishness should go ahead and pat themself on the back

Galileo himself stated that the voice of a mob has no sense so why bother to argue?

I'm not gonna argue anymore. I say Antarctica is the largest land mass inhabiting the planet Earth.

Y'all say different.


It's done...let's move on.

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the difference in perception probably comes from different projections used in maps...

the picture I posted above is a so called Dymaxion map, you in turn maybe have a Mercartor projection in mind, where Antarctica really looks like the largest continent.

There are numerous other possible projection types too, all have or had their advantages and disadvantages...

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Hey, Muzik man. I don't think anyone here is offended or upset by anything you have said about Antarctica. I really imagine most folks don't plan on vacationing there anytime soon anyway, so hardly give a rat's behind. ;)

From what I read, people just wanted to steer you right. And that's what friends are for.... hey, sounds like a song!

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Shawna, my PC got attacked by that same insidious virus a few weeks ago. I spent days trying to remove it with various tools until a friend told me to go to a site and download MALWAREBYTES. I did so and it removed the virus for good on the first try.

Here's the site...go and download the FREE vesiion.


Thank You Joe!....my pc was acting up so I thought I would give this a try....my computers was freezing up alot and it kept on signing me on over and over again...it was going crazy...this scan found 8 infected files, and now it's running great again!

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