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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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Hello Songfactors. In the interest of conservation of resources to slow Global Warming, we have recycled some air space being used up by @ 3500 replies to this topic. I have saved the original post and several leading up to this action.

Please join me as we celebrate the freeing of this essencial space into the universe! :drummer:

Bobo said on April 26, 2004!:

Another thread... mainly because I was kindly instructed to put it here.

Share your worries, concerns, fears here! And... we'll all try and make some kind of internetworkable group therapy thing work!

Maybe.. or maybe not.

Play around, guys.. whaddaya think?



Namahage In response to Elvish

I just like to be weird is all.


Tenacious_Peaches In response to Namahage

If I banned you just for the heck of it, you'd be so offended you'd never come back. And I'd miss you.


Namahage In response to Tenacious_Peaches

Try me.


UncleJoe In response to Namahage

Accomodated...for one day.


Elvish In response to UncleJoe



Elvish In response to Tenacious_Peaches

Okay, morning sickness is waning a bit (I think) - now I'm dealing with second trimester insomnia


lonelyday In response to Elvish

All my friends are 18- the legal drinking and clubbing age in NZ while I'm 17 til April. It really bugs me how i end up staying home on weekends coz i can't do anything.

I have another 10 weeks and 5 days of this and it's really bugging me!

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You can't get into clubs at all?

I'm not sure?? My friends and I have created a plan to try and get me in, which involves one of my friends (who apparently looks just like me although, i don't really believe it) taking her passport, so that i can take her drivers license and try to pass as her. We'll have to enter separately and hope the bouncers don't notice.

I'm not sure if this will work, and if the bouncer doesn't believe the license there's a chance that they'll confiscate it which'd suck for her. But hopefully we will find a club that'd accept it.

But aaaaaargh, i'm trying not to be impatient, but it annoyed me when my friend Jesse turned 18 and i couldn't go out with him for his birthday. I'll get over it, but starting uni without being 18 is gonna suck...plus the minimum wage for an 18 year old is $2 more than that of a 17yearold, and starting uni i really need the money...

pretty much i think once you go on to tertiary education you should be upgraded to 18+ status no matter how old you are...

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My friends won't ask my to go out with them to the clubs..for so many reasons but mainly because they don't think I look 18. }:( Thanks FRIENDS. Huh. Yet anougher lonely weekend, and it's not like a can use the time to futher my understanding of the parents mind, no, I HAVE to be a border don't I. Nice. Thanks Life.

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Now seriously, if my friends told me to stay home because they think I don't look old enough, I'd say screw 'em and go anyway. It's not their problem if you don't look old enough, is it? :crazy:

well, if I went with them they might be turned away too...Seeing as all my other friends are five hours away or in America or Australia I think it's a bit mean of them to leave me by myself with only my essays and text books for company... :P

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