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What grinds your gears then?

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GRRRR, I have no idea what the crap is doing it, but some stupid program in the background on my computer is making it so I have to click like four or five times before it actually takes. I'm thinking it's either this retarded Google Toolbar Notifier (I don't even remember installing that) or Microsoft Updater (stupid crap always breaks while trying to download the updates). It's horribly infuriating. }:(

Oh, and those brownies are worth mentioning a second time!!

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I am in an all around pissed off mood today!

Okay, i wake up and i have a cig to start the day after i didnt get much sleep last night even with a xanax. So, i go out of my room a little later to search for my girlscout cookies that i get every year...they are good.

My box of thin mints that i had NOT EVEN TOUCHED was COMPLETELY GONE!!! My brother ate the whole damn box and his friend helped. 3 bucks wasted. So, then i found out he ate a sleeve of my trefoils too...i had some very not nice words to say! Most of them looked like this @$$ $#%! &*#*

So, then i lose my pack of cigs and then my dogs found there way out of the backyard, so i had to chase them down the neighborhood, i come back in to a phone call saying my 21st bday party had been cancelled cause my friend throwing it is sick. SO, i gotta wait til next saturday even though my birthday is tuesday. Its only 1:30 and today is not shaping up to look real good.

*phew* good rant.

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I am never sick and when I am I just take what I´m told and never complain.

While (most) some men behave like they lost one leg and an eye in war and are badly wounded... while all they have is a slight cold! :doh:

And we women have to take care of them and bring some chicken soup to bed...

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