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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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I've got to get out of my cave!

Men are comparing women to sporks? Oh the travesty. I can understand a li'l, though before plastic and hair extensions there was true blue.

Back then a person wouldn't be able to hide behind a spork; instead, they'd be a dork; but wait, back then the word "Dork" wasn't even invented!

Cool that all a person needs to worry about these days are plastic utensils.

Everything now is plastic, even boobs.

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:mad: Layoffs without the powers that be even being considerate enough to let staff know that the company is officially downsizing and you may or may not have your job tomorrow. You would think with offices in 3 states and over 200 employees, there would be some type of meeting, announcement something more than just seeing random people being escorted out with boxes. My Pop-Pop always did say a coward will shoot you in the back everytime!

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Sleep is just a rehearsal for death . It is far worse to not be able to buy cigarettes or booze when you want some late at night - or to be allowed to smoke , even .

(Little known fact : In1775, the British were about to introduce a no smoking ban/tax , which Washington and many others in the continental congress - huge pipe smokers- could no longer tolerate . This was the tipping point . In fact, the original Second Amendment said so , but some NRA terrorists managed to lobby and change it . True story . )

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