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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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:D (Don't you dare yell at me for grinning, that comment and the whole situation is funny as h*ll. :D ) Sometimes you guys do the silliest things. My son tried sprayon tan today, because he couldn't wait for the real thing. He's "almost wishing he hadn't done that, too". ;)

Ooooh, but why did you use aftershave? Alcohol ... eyes .... hurt.

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My eyes are fine now, I just rinsed with a shower hose.

What went wrong with the self-tanner. Spray-on tans usually work fine as long as you proportion it evenly and rub it in afterwards. I would use rub in lotion over the spray kind, because the spray leaves streaks and can make the skin turn orange instead of a light sierra brown color.

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I'm glad your eyes are fine. ;)

No, my son had never tried it before, didn't realize how easily it streaks, and how badly it stains, and the whole orangey thing. I don't think it's that horrilbe, but he's on vacation sort of. He tans really easily and darkly, he should have just waited on nature, the knucklehead. ;)

EDIT: Hiya Lissy!

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