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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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At the office this afternoon:

Girl: Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Bitter Almonds: Nah. Just studying, catching up on everything I missed in class for the past two weeks, working on Monday's PowerPoint. How about you?

Girl: Nothing. Catch up on work for the conference, as usual. Probably hang out with some girlfriends tonight.

Bitter Almonds: Well, there IS that Renoir exhibit at the LACMA. I know you said you liked those Impressionist paintings and you can't beat seeing some of the works of the most celebrated painter of the style.

Girl: Really? But I bet it costs $40 to attend.

Bitter Almonds: Not at all. It's free on some days and probably $5 to enter during others. Maybe w...

Girl: Oh! I'll see if my girlfriends would go with me to see it.

Bitter Almonds: RRrrRRrRrRrGH! I meant WE should go!

F.M.L. :beatnik:

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If SHE'S the one who started the conversation re: plans for the weekend, the field was wide open. Ask her next week if she went for the exhibition, she probably won't have. I'm going to guess it's still on the following weekend in which case you've to be all 'Well I'm going this week if you want to come along'... etc.

If possible squeeze in a "because... (launch into detailed and passionate rant about how Renoir is so misunderstood/ahead of his time/underrated)"

How do I know all this?

Anyway, I'm here because my gears are v. v. ground, my iPod appears farked and I've done nothing but treat it like gold (except for the few dozen times I dropped it but then that's why I got it a case)

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I agree. If she was the one doing the asking, she was maybe hoping for you to suggest she do something with you, and when you presented a, "Well, there's this exhibit," and didn't say anything about "we" or "us," she was probably disappointed and figured you didn't want to do something with her.

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Grrrr my 84 yr old father in law....he comes in and watches the olympics with me....and says "oh this must be taped because I saw this the other day..this is the part where she falls"..... :mad:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I can relate, Laurie! My 84 year old father in law likes to explain things that are painfully obvious!

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