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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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We got 24 inches of snow on Friday. Lots of shoveling, digging out, etc. Now here's what gripes my ass:

A few of the rectally challenged residents on our street feel that if they dig out their cars they then have the right to reserve the parking space by placing cones or objects of furniture in the spot when they leave to save the spot for when they return. WRONG!

None of the rest of us do that and we spent just as much time and money digging out. So here's how I handle the situation. When I return to my street I look for a parking space. If there are none other than the "reserved" spaces then I just run over the cones or chairs in the spot and park my car. Sometimes if the offending neighbor is present I offer a thank you for saving me the space. Though usually not.

Am I wrong? Maybe I should get out of my car and remove the objects before parking? Nahh...that would inconvenience me. Tough splat for them!

BTW, there is a law against "reserving" spaces in that manner but who wants to bother the police with such matters? Not me. The neighbors know me and are familiar with my way of handling such things so I try not to disappoint them.

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Grrrrrr I hate that whole "It's Saved" bit...this applies to many situations I've been in...like going to our daughters graduation...there's always one dork that was appointed to get there early and have all sorts of things in the ten seats in a row...and then they say "these are saved"....and then at the casino last week...there's a certain game I love to play..I saw that it was open and started to sit down and the lady on the next machine says "someones sitting there"....Well I said "I don't see anyone sitting there"....I plopped my coat on the back and sat my butt right down....Her friend came back and then she says to her friend...."well I tried to save it, sorry"...and her friend was all ticked...well too bad....

thanks you guys, you've got me going now....LOL

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Wrong, Ujoe;

She's been a bad "big" girl...not only this year but last as well as what follows:


I wouldn't have edna any other way, though.


Post Script:

I'm so old that I once thought the movie 2001 Space Odyssey was something from the future almost as Prince's song 1999!....lol

Lesson learned...never write a story or a song with a specific date unless you're careful or want it to die in the future.

I mean, songs that were written in the 70's would be outlawed now. Example/s

1. Ringo Star ~ You're sixteen, you're beautiful and you're mine

2. Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show ~ She was only sixteen, only sixteen, oooh but...

3. well, you get the picture...lol

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Are those guys still around?

My point exactly.

The today's (rap) lyrics can talk about raping women, killing po-leece whilst murdering mothers and fathers in their sleep but once it goes to making love to a sixteen-year-old...watch out!

Even the King himself;

Elvis: started laying with Priscilla when she was only fifteen! 'Course he married her in 1967 when she turned twenty-one. Good for the tabloids.

Post script 1:

To this day I ponder in awe when thinking that Elvis, back in the 60's, could have had any woman on the entire planet!

Yet he chose a meek fifteen-year-old with beautiful eyes fathered by an air force officer!

Makes me go....hmmm?

Post script II:

Or gives me a total appreciation of Priscilla that I hadn't thought about before.


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Throw away kids.

The kids themselves don't grind my gears but the people that give birth to them sure do. It's like they put them on this God forsaken planet and then their on their own.

Through the years I have had so many of these kids pass through my home it's sad. The holidays are the worst. I have only two this year but thats still two to many. One of them I have had for so many years it's like she is just another one of our kids :D

I love these strays to death. I wish I could keep them all and make them know there is someone that cares very deeply about them and not just for today but for all their life's. I try to make them see they have worth.

Some of my strays have done pretty ok with their life's considering what they were handed. Others not so much. :puppyeyes:

My daughter started bring them to me when she was about six so you can just imagine how many of these lost kids have come through this house. Some causing great harm but most walking away knowing there was somebody that cared for them when they needed it and it puts a soft place in their hearts.

How can people have children and then just turn away from them? I don't understand it. My daughter is 24 now and is still bringing me these small town young people that have such messed up families, they'd rather be in our home.

These days, now that I'm older, I don't know if it depresses me or just flat out p***es me off that I can care more for some other so called parents child then they can :beady:

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