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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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Fred Phelps and his gang more than likely don't believe half of what they say. They feed on people's reactions to them. Half of what they say or print up on those signs is for the reaction they know it'll get them, not because it's truly what they believe in their hearts.

They are essentially internet trolls who migrated to real life.

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Me too. This is a test the first really bad cold I've had since I quit smoking. Usually, as a smoker, a cold would settle in chest and just stay there. I'm hoping to recover quickly like the rest of the world this time.

Right this minute though, I feel like crap on a stick. :(

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crap on a stick? that's serious stuff.

Remember my tirade about my nephew's high school football career-ending concussion? Here's an article about it... along with a photo of my most handsome nephew...

Read it, then send up a positive thought for my nephew, and a big get-even to the idiot who hit him. But most of all, if you have kids playing sports - or you ARE a kid playing sports - read it, and learn from it.

Tommy Hansen career-ending hit

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Being from Kansas....going to school in Topeka...and seeing this every day on my way to class....


The "THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS" one really gets me. Three of my closest friends went to Iraq. One came back, and he is missing half of his right leg and three fingers on his left hand. Ugh. And to make it worse....this all happened before they passed the laws that prohibited protesting of funerals. So when my friends were being buried, these a**holes were standing at the gates hooping and hollering and carrying on.

So, these same Kansas religious freaks (sorry Ryan, I know you & Kansas have nothing to do with it) were here in SD this weekend ..... I hope they enjoyed it. We have a huge gay & lesbian community, not to mention the military presence (Probably half the population here is or was involved with military past or present). Their little demonstrations of hate & ugliness were met with big protests in response. I bet they've never felt so loved. :D

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I really can't stand every time I'm at the checkout counter be it any store, I'm asked "Did you find everything you're looking for?"

I #&%%* can't stand that - hello? Did you ever stop to think perhaps I would of asked a store associate before proceeding to final checkout?

I know they've been told by their superiors to enquiry but I think its totally useless. A few times I have asked a few things just to see the reaction. And all those times, the checkout person just continued ringing in the items pretending herself like she didn't care (like me).

Okay, it doesn't bother me that much but I'm sure it gets under the skin of others.


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