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Odd Crushes


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We've talked about our teen crushes, now let's talk about the crushes we have on those who may not be "conventionally" attractive, yet some how they drive us ga ga.


David Letterman-it's the glasses and the gap between the teeth. And he's sarcastic.

Elvis Costello-gap, glasses, sarcastic, and British (sigh!)

Ricky Gervais-funny, British, has beautiful teeth and the best laugh I've ever heard

John Astin-those Gomez Adams pinstripe suits, and, he can tango

Tim Curry-British with a great voice.

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I like all of C-girls' strange men. I have an odd penchant for men who posess the 3 Fs...fat, furry and funny. Jack Black, Kevin Smith, and Jorge Garcia (Hurley from "Lost") all make me swoon.

Sure, a dreamy face and a chiseled body are nice, but after the obligatory 15 minutes or so of passion, I want someone who's going to make me laugh. Note that I said after, not during.

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I have been hesitating on this one, because it's really weird, but.....here goes....I find Brent Spiner interesting. I'm not saying I swoon at him or have a crush, but I think he's funny and quirky and interesting.

For those who are not geeks, he played Data on Star Trek: TNG. That is how I took notice of him, I immediately chose him as my favorite character. Other roles....Dr. Okun (??, the weird Area 51 doctor who gets possessed and then killed by the alien) in Independence Day and I think he was in "Threshold" on TV recently. Anyway, it could be one of those cases where you like the one character the person plays so much you associate them with the character. In real life he could be a real A-hole....

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I just did a google image search on her (Stephanie Beacham) because I don't know who she is and she doesn't look bad at all...very attractive. In the same category as Helen Mirren, I guess.

Sure, neither of these women can compete with Angelina and such, but so what...they're more real looking.

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