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Odd Crushes


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John Stewart is "odd"?! Since when?! An odd crush has got to be and LOOK odd! Peter Lorre kind of odd! Jack Black would be a good candidate for an odd male crush. Guys like Jason Schwartzman don't count either since all they do is give them a cow-lick hairdo and some horn-rimmed glasses and that's supposed to make them "odd" and "eccentric." No, no, no. If you're gonna choose an eccentric and odd, go for Bill Murray, or Dennis Hopper, or that mellon head George Lopez. THOSE are odd, but they got personality and wit to last a life time. Although if you were to say Toulouse-Lautrec, then I'd know you're either pulling our chain or you're Hellen Keller.

Odd crush? Ellen Degeneres. I know she bats for the other team, but she's genuinely funny... and that's sexy.

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