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Odd Crushes


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Yes. That is a bit of a puzzle.

Madonna, one of the few globally-recognised sex symbols of the late 20th century, who has based her entire career on her sexual allure, challenging sexual taboos, thrusting out her bazoobas, flirting with S&M imagery, etc....why on earth would anyone have a crush on her?

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I know that no one here watches Project Runway, but I am obsessed with it. I have an odd crush on the guy who won this season, Jeffrey Sibelia. He looks unwashed and unkempt, is surly and sarcastic, and looks like a road map from all of his tattoos. But he still makes me swoon...


Haha. That guy has "badass" written all over 'im - LITERALLY! Plus, he can verbally couture people 'til next week's fashion show. He doesn't count. You know what's an odd crush? Roseanne Barr in the episode where she day-dreams bein' a centerfold model for Playboy magazine (Hef made a guest appearance :beatnik:). She looked good with long hair and, I don't know if it was a ton of make-up, but her skin looked smooth.

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I'd think if girls were aware of R.W. Fassbinder, they might find an odd crush on him (he's the guy with the smart leather motorcycle jacket :cool: ). Too bad he was married... and a homosexual... and had various lovers... and had a terrible temper... and was, for the most part, a bit overweight... and had a cocaine habit...

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