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What is your one favourite band of all time?


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Sweet Gilliann, you might be a tad too young for the D experience, but they are wonderful! They will rock your freaking socks off! :rockon:

hte only song from them I have heard was "Tribute to the greatest song in the world". the video is hilarious!

But as for my favorite band... Jimi Hendrix

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:thumbsdown:You don't know "music"


Just because they are funny does not mean the D is not classified as music. Kyle is an amazing guitarist. And the lyrics are certified genius. Who else could write these words of spun gold?

This is our song of exultant joy because

We only came to kick some a**.

Rock the f**kin' house and kick some a**.

What we gonna do with all the cash?

Smoke hash, and then we thrash.

We'll throw a big ol' bash y'all.

And everyone is invited to the bash.

And everyone you're all invited to the bash!

Oh yeah, Guns & Roses did rule...15 years ago.

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