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  1. I'm listening to Grateful Dead and wondering where the dual drummers thing began. I always thought it was cool that they and the Allman Bros Band had that. Anyone know the story behind why they decided to use two drummers?
  2. They just released their new cd "Youth" on November 16th...Really good cd. I'm definitely a fan of theirs. Dosage is my favorite cd from them.
  3. I have to say that Creed is at the top of the list for me because of Scott Stapp. The guy takes himself way too seriously. The new band called Alter Bridge (the members of Creed with a new singer Myles Kennedy) is actually a band I like....because they have a different singer.
  4. That's the first time in my many years as a Van Halen fan have I heard someone say that! That's hilarious! It's definitely Michael Anthony who you hear. You should hear him in concert, he'll just belt out a high pitch scream out of nowhere and it sounds like a women for sure. He's a great backing vocalist.
  5. I love Alice In Chains. Awesome band. My favorite cd is Jar Of Flies.
  6. Understood. I think it's all how each person approaches it. Everyone has their own opinion. Thank God...otherwise these forums wouldn't be interesting!
  7. That cd debuted at number one too!! Yeah Man!!!
  8. I love Vai. Saw him live...he was unbelievable and he is better technically than Hendrix or even Eddie Van Halen but, again, without Hendrix to open the door, there wouldn't be a Vai, Satriani (who I also love) or a Van Halen accessable to the world as they are today. I go on a different premise. I look at not just pure talent but the relevance a guitarist has in the world of music. Vai is original but Hendrix was beyond original. And, by the way, I'm not even a HUGE Hendrix fan like I am of Eddie Van Halen, Vai, Satriani etc....I'm just trying to look at from an objective view point. It's like Van Halen is my favorite band ever but I don't believe they're the greatest band ever.
  9. I understand where you're coming from but I have to disagree. I feel there are guitarists who became famous because they were so damn talented and other guitarists who were very talented but just followed someone elses lead. Jimi Hendrix is the greatest and everyone else followed his lead. He did things no one else could do....it took a while to set in with music fans. He was considered a freak at first then he was the coolest thing ever. After that, everyone and their brother wanted to play like him.
  10. Bonham, Neal Peart, Stewart Copeland, Phil Collins, Keith Moon, Alex Van Halen.....they're all great drummers in the rock and roll genre, that's for sure. I don't listen to enough jazz so I'm sure there are plenty of legends in that style of music as well.
  11. Welcome to the world of timeless music!!! Here's 2 other great websites: www.classicrockrevisited.com and www.allmusic.com. All music dot com allows you to check out certain genres of music and gives you a good list of bands and artists. And I'll throw in some of my favorites too: Van Halen, Blues Traveler, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd,U2, Rush, AC/DC, Genesis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pearl Jam, Stevie Ray Vaughan....there's more...a lot more but I'll stop there!!
  12. Check www.tickemaster.com for the prices. I'll be at the Hartford, CT show June 28th baby! Eddie is THE MAN!
  13. Just curious. Always loved these guys and a lot of people don't realize they're still goin' strong because they aren't "mainstream" anymore. They're as good as ever. Check out their downloads on www.bluestraveler.com.
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