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  1. From the quote and pic, I guess that you're talking Nirvana. If so then, sure I have. Who hasn't listened to them? Awesome band & singer whose life was cut too short. Thanks for checking my post out. "And you had an affect on our happy talk."
  2. I'm deeply sorry that we live in a world ruled by corporate greed and intolerance. BUT what I said was MY opinion and you can never take that away from me. Your choice: like it or not, but accept that it is how I feel. As for the music, I don't let the radio dictate what I listen to. I took the initiative to find something new that I liked. If you don't like them, fine. Go find something that YOU like.
  3. SC ROCKS! How could I pick a fav??...After a lot of thought I guess I'd have to say "Punk Rock Princess." Check out this site to find out Which Something Corporate Song You Are
  4. I recently came across this band and I happen to think they're awesome. The closest that I can come to a comparison is Weezer. Based out of Chicago, Illinois I predict that this group will soon be a huge hit. Check out their website, The Unemployed. Check out their music and if you like them, you can even request a FREE CD! What's to lose? Check them out!!
  5. I'm working on a slideshow and need a song that embodies the excitement of the big city. I was thinking "Beat City" by the Flowerpot Men, but can't find it anywhere. So, I'm looking for alternatives. Any help would be great.
  6. Peaches, have you saved the slideshow as a movie file? If not, it's under File > Save Movie File... Then it should play on any computer with any kind of media player, but I haven't tried to play mine on any without Movie Maker, so I hope this helps.
  7. 1. Chicago 2. Moulin Rouge 3. Spiderman 2 - This is an awesome CD & I can't wait to buy it, TOMORROW! Dashboard Confessional's "Vindicated" is worth it alone!
  8. About A Boy would not be the same without "Killing Me Softly" I LOVE THAT MOVIE!
  9. I'm using the Windows Movie Maker, so sorry I can't help you there. XP has several programs that you can use to make movies/slideshows. I think it's awesome. Also, I like the idea about sticking with songs from the years, but I listen to lots of different songs and some have special meanings. Thanks for the ideas though. Just for those wondering, I graduated this year, so the pics are from the last four years.
  10. I'm creating a slideshow of all my pictures from high school and I need some more ideas for songs. So far I have: No Doubt - It's My Life Trapt - Headstrong Queen - We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild Counting Crows - Parking Lot Paradise Green Day - Time of Your Life LeeAnn Womack - I Hope You Dance Devo - Whip It Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right U2 - Walk On The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You I've been trying to match the mood of the pictures to the songs, and a few have inside jokes with them (Whip It). But most of what I have left are just school competitions, hanging out with friends and an interesting trip to St. Louis. I'd appreciate any ideas.
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