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  1. Well thanks a lot. I like to do a lot with music when it comes to creative projects. I am usually not that good with them since I can't draw or paint, but I like music and feel I can make a good CD. I think I want to put on some Vietnam protest songs? so far I have Universal Soldier and I Feel like I'm Fixin to Die Rag, any suggestions? Have any of you read the book?
  2. Can it be about Mexican Racsim? How about half in Spanish? Frijolero Molotov Yo ya estoy hasta la madre de que me pongan sombrero escucha entonces cuando digo no me llames frijolero. Y aunque exista algún respeto y no metamos las narices nunca inflamos la moneda haciendo guerra a otros países. Te pagamos con petróleo e intereses nuestra deuda mientras tanto no sabemos quien se queda con la feria. Aunque nos hagan la fama de que somos vendedores de la droga que sembramos ustedes son consumidores. Don't call me gringo, You f*ckin beaner stay on your side of that goddamn river don't call me gringo, You beaner. No me digas beaner, Mr. Puñetero Te sacaré un susto por racista y culero. No me llames frijolero, Pinche gringo puñetero. Now I wish I had a dime for every single time I've gotten stared down For being in the wrong side of town. And a rich man I'd be if I had that kind of chips lately I wanna smack the mouths of these racists. Podrás imaginarte desde afuera, ser un Mexicano cruzando la frontera, pensando en tu familia mientras que pasas, dejando todo lo que conoces atrás. Si tuvieras tú que esquivar las balas de unos cuantos gringos rancheros Las seguirás diciendo good for nothing wetback? si tuvieras tú que empezar de cero. Now why don't you look down to where your feet is planted That U.S. soil that makes you take [bleep] for granted If not for Santa Ana, just to let you know That where your feet are planted would be Mexico Correcto!
  3. Hey Songfacts people, You guys might remember me from the last time I did this assingment with the Odyssey. I am doing this creative project for school that involves making a soundtrack for the book "In the Time of Butterflies" by Julia Alvarez. I want to put songs on it with the following motifs: 1) Women Empowerment /Feminism 2) Dominican Flair 3) Rebellion Against the Government 4) Women in Hip hop singing about women empowerment 5) Guns and the Rebel Lifestyle If you guys would be willing to add some suggestions to my playlist, that would be a BIG help. The song's I have so far: 1) Al Otro Lado Del Río - Motorcycle Diaries Sountrack 2) Ojalá Que Llueva Cafe - Juan Luis Guerra 3) Do You Hear the People Sing? - Les Mis Soundtrack 4) Fight the Power - Public Enemy 5) Yo Viviré (I Will Survive) - Celia Cruz 6) Diamonds in the Soles of Her Shoes - Paul Simon That's what I have so far. It would be a GREAT help if you guys would like to add some suggestions. Thanks a lot, Zack
  4. hey guys- thanks a lot. I hope you all will be happy to hear I got a 100% on my project. thanks a lot for the help. ~~ Kibutznick.
  5. ahh! First Post, Brilliant, too! :-D Keep 'em Coming! some more Telemachus songs: We're not gonna take it - Twisted Sister 3x5- John Mayer I have Hotel California down for The times when Odysseus is stuck on Calypso's Islands.... "You can always check in, but you can never check out."
  6. Hey guys, can you all help me out with this English Project. In class, we are reading The Odyssey, and we have to a crative project. I chose to make a "soundtrack" to this epic, which I am naming "The Gods Can't Stop the Rock". I need some help compiling songs for this. I was wondering if you guys who have read the book could help me out. I have some themes if that can help people. I need some songs that deal with/are about: Missing your lover when he is far away Coming home from war having an unattainable lover finding your inner strength/ adolesent self discovery Dreaming of home Soldier's Brotherhood Songs of the Sea so far, I have some songs... "On My Own" from the Les Mis Soundtrack "He Went to Paris" by Jimmy Buffet "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" by Mandy Patinkin "I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith "Traveling Soldier" by the Dixie Chicks "The General" by Dispatch can you guys help me out?
  7. well yeah by a voice, but i have this ear problem where i cant distinguish between different notes on the scale.... music sounds really weird to me, but it keeps me coming back.
  8. I lived in this city for a year learning english. could anybody tell me of any songs that have the words baltimore in them or about baltimore, hon? (haha)
  9. there are parts in the missy elliot song, that are played backward in the song. does anyone here know what those play when... erm.... played backwards (and therfore played correctly?
  10. eww... they are too dull. only coldplay can really pull that off.
  11. yeah they are GREAT. big in Israel. they are fearless.... they make greak music.... i wonder. is the song, "Let's get Retarded" stirring up a puddle there in USA?\ i think the edited version of Hey Mama sound better that the original... i am not one to advocate the censorship of songs, but i dunno, the edited one jsut sounds better and flows better. but def not the case for Lets get Retarded.
  12. Nelly- ST. Louis "Welcome to Atlanta" "Yerushalayim shel Zahav"
  13. if you ever need to learn a language, a great tool to use is Harry Potter. I first read it in my mothertongue, Hebrew, then arabic, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, and now i just finished the fifth in Portuguese. the movie was made for people that read the book; it moved VERY fast.... and skipped all the nonessentials. Cuarón made that movie very well though.
  14. wow... everybody who see this thread, spread around that that (is this legal in English?) is the real meaning to the song, eh? that song and Yeah are very popular in Israel right now.... you can here people waking the street singing that err... baseline (vocab check) to Yeah (do do- do do! do do- do do!. and then the people that hear that start to do the dance.... its a fun thing. or they go the Lil Jon "OOOOKAYY"
  15. ehh... it depends who sings it (also "i dreamed a dream")... in the NYC cast (the first one) she really sucks... but int he london cast she is just right. by the way, i was Enjolras in a citywide production of Les MIs this year.
  16. What are your favourite showtunes? i will start with mine. Tradition- Fiddler At the End of the Day- Les Mis The Dream- Fiddler (I was in a porduction of fiddler, especially this scene SO much fun.) All that Jazz- Chicago Circle of Life- Lion King just to name a few
  17. ok- Hebrew- Def HaDag Nachash but that doesnt count. Dashboard Confessional
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