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Classic Rock-n-Roll Screamers


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I forgot about Chris Cornell, but I guess he's not really "classic". Close, though, which is a tad depressing.

Stevie Wonder does a great one on "Superstition".

Claire Torrey on "Great Gig In The Sky" is awesome, too. I think that's who that was.

Gregg Allman was a pretty excellent screamer.

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there is some confusion over the scream at the beginning of Revolution. I've always assumed it was John, but The Beatles did a "video" of Revolution (it was in The Anthology) and it seems to show Paul screaming at the beginning. I've even convinced myself that it sounds like Paul. Does anybody have the definitive answer (knowing that SF's has the smartest posters in the free world)...

Here is the Revolution video. Not perfect, at the end on that last HUGE "ALL RIGHT" John's not even at the mic! (Yet you can still hear it)

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JonnyBoy, thanks for that...really, it made my morning just to see it. John didn't have to be near the mic because the boys are lip-synching to the recorded version...if they sang their parts right, it's clear that the opening scream is Paul though...thanks again.

I knew they wre lip-synching, I didn't know how to spell synching!


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Good screamers, whether they be rock or almost-rock, classic or modern:

Tim Buckley

Jeff Buckley

Chris Cornell

Rob Halford

Roy Orbison (more a falsetto than a scream, but still great)

Robert Plant

Freddy Mercury (am I crazy or did no one mention him yet?)

Jonny Lang (kinda)

Paul McCartney

I should also mention the lead singer for The Darkness, even though their 15 minutes of fame are up.

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"Oh! Darling"


"Helter Skelter"

"Can't By Me Love" before the guitar solo

A lot of the early stuff was essentially screamed. I would agree that in addition to being one of the great all-time rock and roll singers, he was a fantastic screamer.

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Robert Plant

Paul McCartney (dude, he's totally belted out some awesome screams in his career. Come on!)

John Lennon (he did some good screams in his Beatles days, and let's not forget his screams at the end of his song "Mother")


Roger Daltrey

So... basically all of the people you guys have mentioned.

*feels stupid*

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