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  1. I think "grunge" wasn't just about the look or sound, but the fact that the "grunge movement" was centered in Seattle. It wasn't really *that* different from other forms of rock like classic rock and punk, but was given a name because it was seen as a new thing coming from the Pacific Northwest. I guess what I mean to say is that grunge easily could have been called "Seattle Rock" too. Blind-fitter, I think you're more right than I am. Soundgarden is the best grunge band because they combined the heavy music AND one of the best singers of the 90s rock scene.
  2. Just by surviving this long, I think Pearl Jam might well be the best grunge band. I think of them more as a rock band though. Just a plain rock band. I think Nirvana had the best grunge attitude and look, so they're up there as well even if they weren't the best musicians.
  3. I'll live up to my screenname and mention "Volume 3: Further In Time" by the Afro Celt Sound System. All their stuff is great, but Volume 3 is particularly wonderful.
  4. Good screamers, whether they be rock or almost-rock, classic or modern: Tim Buckley Jeff Buckley Chris Cornell Rob Halford Roy Orbison (more a falsetto than a scream, but still great) Robert Plant Freddy Mercury (am I crazy or did no one mention him yet?) Jonny Lang (kinda) Paul McCartney I should also mention the lead singer for The Darkness, even though their 15 minutes of fame are up.
  5. I'm gonna see Buddy perform in August! Unless something else comes up, of course, but I don't think anything will. I'm excited to see such a legend!
  6. A month or two ago here in Eugene, Oregon, a popular local DJ at our "classic rock" station KZEL 96.1 locked himself in the studio for a week. He played all the songs the station has, alphabetically. His stand worked and the station was saved, all because of the support of the listeners. The station is better than ever, although I think they could stand to reduce the number of times they play certain songs in a week. But they're still rockin' and playing new stuff along with the old stuff.
  7. First of all, thanks to Malakin for mentioning Jeff Buckley. The 4-track tapes on his last "album" were a bit rough, but let's remember they were just 4-track tapes. With a bit of arrangement and studio sparkle, I'm sure Jeff would have turned them into masterpieces. Led Zeppelin - I've not heard their last two albums (I only own IV at this point) so I don't know how they would have done had Bonham survived. I think Plant is still making great music even if he can't hit the high notes. Jimi Hendrix - Wow, Hendrix is a tricky one. I agree with the poster above who said Hendrix might have experimented with funk. Listen to "Message To Love" and tell me that's not funk. I do know that Hendrix was getting weary of being a huge star, so I wonder what he would have done to avoid that stardom. Asking what kind of music Hendrix would have made after year 27 is like asking what God would have done with an 8th day. It blows your mind just to think about it. I know he's not really "rock" but what about Roy Orbison? At the time of his death, he was still making great music and his voice was strong as ever. I don't know how long he'd continue had he lived, but I know he'd give us some great stuff as always.
  8. Some of my favorites: -"Bold As Love" by Jimi Hendrix. Everyone always mentions "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", but as a serious Hendrix fan, I think this is possibly Jimi's greatest solo. -"The End" by The Beatles. What a way to end a career! -"Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin -"Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Especially the beginning of the song. -"We Will Rock You" by Queen -"Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd -"Doesn't Remind Me" by Audioslave. A great modern rock song. I couldn't possibly begin to compile a top-ten list of the all-time greatest solos. I'd have to hear all the already-mentioned solos and then some to rank them at all.
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