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oooo I'm probably the only person on the face of this earth who'd say this, but 0/10 for the ham and scalloped potatoes! I don't like any type of pork, and scalloped are my least favorite type of potato. sorry!

But 10/10 for going through the effort to make what you love! :grin:

I want Mexican food tonight - and lots of it! I'm hunnngrrrry

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Both tomato and basil? That must be great... :) I love all kind of pasta, hot, spicy, cold, with sauce, without, anything!!! So I went to my mother´s home yesterday for some ten minutes and she had spaghetti with tomato so I decided I would stay for lunch. Tonight I went to an Italian restaurant with a friend and had pasta again (carbonara).

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Sure, Joe, when you coming over to make it? I'll wash all the dishes!!!! 8/10.

Yesterday, everyone in my department went out to lunch for the holidays in lieu of all of us buying gifts for each other. Here's what I ate

Stuffed mushrooms, gnocchi with vodka sauce, a glass of white zinfandel and a slice of raspberry mousse cake for dessert.

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10/10..Awesome lunch, Jen. Did you do the dishes?

Tonight I am making Philly Cheesesteaks and my own personal creation, the Joe The Riz steak-roll. That's a steak sandwich with onions and hot peppers and a Chinese eggroll split and stuffed into the steak sandwich. Try it, you'll like it.

I invented this at Pat's Steaks in South Philly in 1964. Scrumpdiddlyumptiouis!!

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