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7/10 for not eating constantly like *ahem*... others... (me, for instance... :o). That makes your brain work better. 2/10 if you´re craving... 10/10 if you´re on a diet...

I just had half a melon... and brought all kind of candy on my way home.

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Gonna rescue you from Sammy or Aaron on this edna, 10/10 for 1/2 a melon(you're good)5/10 for candy, unless it's chocolate, then 9.99/10(just cause some don't think it's good for you)

Just finished lunch. Imo's toasted ravioli, and Pepsi. Real healthy!

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This thread has gone MAD!!!!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

10/10 for Windy for having little Matthew home!!! No, wait, wrong thread...

10/10 for Windy for her Keith avatar...!

No... :stars:

Anyway, 10/10 for telling me not to have chocolate... bingo, I don´t like chocolate. :thumbsup:

My husband made some spanish stuff... the cat liked it... now I´ll have to clean the kitchen... :doh: :doh:

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Spam has been around longer than 75 years, so that proves absolutely nothing.

It proves LOTS! Give me your address Sammy and I will send you a jar of vegemite ;) While I am at it, what is a root beer barrel? A barrel that they keep root beer in? What is root beer? Is it ginger beer? Do you know that the word 'root' means something entirely different in Australia?!?! :laughing:

Anyways, 5/10 for the lemonade, I don't like it very much. I had malteasers at the movies tonight

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Rootbeer barrels are candy flavored like rootbeer, shaped like a barrel. Pretty simple huh? :doh: :doh: Not that you would know that Katie. Rootbeer is a type of sodapop, I think it's been around probably the longest.

I'm still laughing at edna, Sammy and Batman, and the cat. That exchange just tickled me. :laughing: :laughing:

Lays chips(no you can't eat just one)and pepsi! Got to get off that pepsi! ::

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23,4/10 for Lay chips and 9/10 for Pepsi. I hope it´s not Diet Pepsi, in this case it would be only 4/10... Windy is a wise woman! No, you can´t have just one, Windy... I´ve just had a whole bag...! And a Coke... :: ::

Yes, but who's gonna clean the cat?

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester: :jester:

The cat had her bath as usual, once per month, with shampoo and so... then she had some Calandre/Paco Rabanne so she smells so nice... :drummer: :drummer:

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10/10 for grandma's cooking, but 4/10 for combining vegetables and pastries.

Currently flying high on coffee and making as many posts as humanly possible.

Does coffee count as food? I just realized this wasn't the thread I thought I was in. Disregard the frantic posting comment, please, as it has nothing to do with food.

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body working faster than feeble brain
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spinach pie is a traditional greek dishneed

I love Greek food... :P:P:P:P I used to go to a little Greek restaurant when I lived in France, I would never get enough... too bad my friends and husband in Spain don´t like "strange" food... :stars:

I love those rolls with rice...

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