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1/10 for chestnuts, I don´t like them at all...

I make spinach pie too!! :):) When I do, I make two or three cause they eat them in less than one hour...

Just had a sandwich: tomato, turkey, mustard, onion, pickles... tasted like paper as I have a cold...

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8/10 for the meal at appleby's.

9/10 if you have a couple of beers with the meal.

10/10 if that same sexy barmaid still works there when I lived in PA. :googly:

Does she, Sammy? :jester:

I'm eating pineapple chunks in lime gel. :)

First time I was in this particular Applebee's in Wilkes-Barre. The waitresses were cute but young....oh so young....bordering on jailbait....you know, the kind you wanna fly to Vietnam...

...and the ribs weren't that great either...Damon's makes a much better rack.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester:

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10 /10 for the beating , as all kids have it coming at least once in their lives -- oh ! C'mon , now ! It's true . ADMIT IT !

A Shepard's pie , made with ground mutton , not beef ( potato surface just golden and lightly crisp ) , HP sauce , salt and fresh ground pepper , and a pint of tapped Guinness -- no cans nor bottles .

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I wouldn't think so -- but it's not a bad choice . I'm just getting eager to go home again in a couple of weeks and I often start to think about what I want to eat when I get there .

Might be a good idea for a new thread ...

Beer-battered fish , clams , prawns and chips , coleslaw , with both cocktail sauce and tartar sauce .

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Mmmmm, a Frey Bentos family-sized steak & kidney pud sat in a 'moat' of Heinz baked beans, drizzled in ketchup.....

Followed by a packet of bourbon biscuits, 1/2 hour of peace in the toilet then fall asleep in Lorraine Kelly's cleavage....

Oh, then you can shoot me.


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