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Films on TV you can't avoid watching


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Any good movie that I don't already own, If I have the DVD, there's no point in watching the censored version, you know.

Usually I like some of the made-for-TV movies, if they feature the right cast, Richard Thomas (Danny Boy) for example has done some pretty good ones, I saw one where he was a psychotic homeless man who is hired by this guy to do yard work, then winds up going on a killing spree, It dealt with issues regarding trust, honesty, & earning. Very interesting film that was.

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Saving Silverman is funnier on the release then it is when Comedy Central plays it, it's one of the few good movies that they do play.

Whenever Comedy Central gets a movie added to their playlist, they insist on playing it 3 times a day, & that's usually the only one that's ever on. How many times do they have to play "Bubble Boy"? I remember when Dutch with Al Bundy was on like 5 times a day, 7 days a week. It became the Dutch Comedy Channel. :doh:

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Last week it was Ace Ventura, and just last night Liar Liar.

My dad loves Jim Carrey, we watched Liar Liar last night too. Btw cool new avatar, Daniel. :thumbsup:

Movies that are highly respected classics but that I've never seen or only seen a bit of or are rarely played usually grab my attention most, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Citizen Kane or Apocalpse Now.

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